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Since upgrading to +iTunes 9.0+ almost one month ago I've not been able to purchase a single tune from the +iTunes Store+.

Specifically; clicking on the *Buy Song* button against a desired tune, +iTunes 9.0+ tries to access the +iTunes Store+. However, an error popup message then consistently displays, reading: +*We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occured (-9812).* There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later.+

I initially thought there was an error with my installation of +iTunes 9.0+, hence I uninstalled and reinstalled it, without effect.

I've tried contacting +Apple Support+ whose help has been nothing short of appalling! They continually send me links to tutorials and troubleshooting pages which do not address the issue I am experiencing. Equally, when speaking directly to their Support Operative they advised me they could only assist Mac users, not Windows users such as myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After further investigation, there appears to be a fundamental issues with +iTunes 9.0+, especially when running it on Windows based systems. Note the following links:


As a QA test,my colleagues and I installed +iTunes 9.0+ on three separate machines running +Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari+ browsers. NONE of the machines could contact the +iTunes Store+ using +iTunes 9.0+ software!

Clearly +iTunes 9.0+ should not have been generally released until a full QA test had been performed and subsequently addressed this critical error.

Apple Support do not appear able to help me address this issue! Hence I do hope someone on this forum could advise me what I need to do to address this ongoing issue?

Dell Inspiron, Windows Vista, Nil