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After changing ISP & installing a new router I can no longer connect to my Airport Express for iTunes. The amber light is flashing but AP utility reports that it cannot find any Apple wireless device. Does anybody have any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Reset the AirPort Express (AX) and then configure it to join your current wireless network.
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    Nope, not worked....
    this getting more and more annoying...
    I've re-configurated the AX, after that, Airport Utility didn't even recognise the base station....

    Very disappointing issue, not the first time my Mac is not able to join the wireless network once an update on the OS has been made...

    Can everyone give us a detailed explanation, what to choose when configurating the AX manually?
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    After doing a hard reset on the AX, try temporarily connecting your computer via Ethernet to the AX. After configuring the AX, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable.
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    I have a similar issue. I can configure and update the profile of the AX when connected directly via Ethernet. When the airport utility then tries to restart the AX, it cannot find it.
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    The issue is with the security on my router. I turned off the WEP encryption on my FIOS router and the AX works fine. However, i dont want to leave my network open. How can I turn WEP on and have the AX continue to be allowed onto the network?
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    Thanks for your help. The solution was to re-set the AX as you suggested & then re-configure using AP utility. I did use the manual configuration option on AP utility rather than automatic.
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    Have you tried re-setting the AX and using AP utility to join your network manually? If you do this you can enter any WEP information then.
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    The solution that worked for me was to switch from WEP to WPA.

    1. Log in to FIOS router (
    2. In wireless settings, turn WEP off. Under advanced security settings, turn WPA on and type in a key of your choosing.
    3. The router will apply the new settings, you may have to power cycle the router.
    4. Connect your mac to the network with the new WPA key.
    5. Using airport utility, reconfigure the AX to use WPA security and type in the WPA key. Power cycle the AX and it should be all set.