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I have 11 full pages of apps on my iPhone 3g (ver 3.0). All of a sudden, when buying a new app, the phone keeps pointing to the 1st page (instead of creating a 12th page and going there) and goes through the motions of the install. The icon never shows. However if I search in spotlight for the app I can find it there.

Is there anyway to manually create a blank page? Before, when it needed a new one, it just created one on it's own. I'm stumped.


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    I'm about 99% certain 11 pages is the most you can have on the phone. Anything after that you'll have to use spotlight to locate and pull up. You could always re-arrange the apps using iTunes 9, but you'll still only get 11 pages to be displayed.
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    wow - really? and only 16 apps per page? then the problem comes on how to remember the name of the app if it's not listed. plus, let's say you're correct..... how does one take off an icon (make it searchable only) because I do know the name.

    I can hardly believe they limit the pages. with all the apps available? plus being able to make a page url an icon link?
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    Yes. It was 9 up until this summers software update.

    "and only 16 apps per page?"

    Yes, although I wouldn't say only. That is a large amount of apps.

    "I can hardly believe they limit the pages. with all the apps available?"

    Believe it. It is indeed fact.
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    ok, well I guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and download iTunes 9 so I can re-arrange the pages logically. I had been hesitant to download iTunes 9 because of issues I've been reading about it.

    Hmmm... I'll have to think of a way to keep the ones listed as icons as I want them and have the others available through spotlight.

    "Yes, although I wouldn't say only. That is a large amount of apps."

    Yes, it probably is... however I can't believe I'm the only one that has a lot.
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    I am quite confident that you are not the only one.

    I doubt that most have this issue. I have about two pages of apps, my wife - a little less. I don't personally know anyone who has run put of pages.

    You can have as many apps as you like, they just will not show on home screens.

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