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Since upgrading to SL and Logic 9, my M-Audio 1814 Firewire doesn't work, I can't arm the recording tracks. I checked on M-Audio site and there doesn't appear to be a driver compatible with Snow Leopard. I was about to change to the Profire 2626, but that doesn't even have a driver for SL either, so that would be useless.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a Firewire with at least 8 mic inputs that actually works with the SL and Logic 9?

Can anyone at M-Audio throw some light on when the new drivers are coming?

Would appreciate feedback.

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    you shouldnt need a driver at all. aren't all the interfaces core audio?

    my presonus firebox uses no drivers. just a software mixer.
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    TXBDan wrote:
    you shouldnt need a driver at all. aren't all the interfaces core audio?

    Not true at all. Yes, all interfaces that work with Logic have to be Core Audio compliant (unless using Digidesign), but the majority need drivers to talk to Core Audio.

    T - I feel your pain. I've use an M-Audio firewire 410 for several years, and M-Audio is notoriously terrible at releasing drivers in a timely manor. If you peruse the M-Audio forums you will find many angry posts on the issue. I have yet to upgrade to SL until those guys get their act together. It is like this every time there is a major OS upgrade. Here is the page on their website that addresses the issue.

    http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.faq&ID=e27a7952a1a8e63c26cb37276be04 f73

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks Zuelito,

    Going to use my old G5 Dektop as a fall-back until these guys get their act together. Seems ridiculous that we have all this gear and we can't use it because of poor planning.

    Thanks for your response

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    It really is quite a shame. M-Audio used to be a great company. Not the highest of quality, but definitely what was needed everytime. From decent keyboard controllers, to clever mobile audio devices. I've been an M-Audio customer for years. But lately, especially since they went all Digi on us, I now look toward the pastures green. Which means I will no longer buy anything M-Audio.

    I'm going for the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP. That looks like a great replacement for my current FireWire 410. Which by the way, is on the bottom of M-Audio's driver list.

    I think its time to make the investment and go somewhere else. Apogee, MOTU, Focusrite. Basically, any company that doesn't make excuses on their website when Apple rolls out a new cat.

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    I am using an M-Audio Profire 2626 and OS 10.5.8. Have been using LP 7.3 for a while now and the move to this combination has been the best I have ever made. However, I am about to upgrade to LP 9, been experimenting with LP 8 and all is perfect. I will not however, upgrade to OS 10.6 SL. This OS is so troublesome I would like a dollar for every post on the forum from good producers of music with excellent experience, who have had their lives turned up-side-down because of SL.
    M- Audio are smart in holding off drivers for SL until the 'Beta' version has been de-bugged.
    Excellent choice on the M-Audio Profire 2626 but seriously, if you revert to OS 10.5.8 you will never regret it.
    Just produced an album for two international artists using 10.5.8, LP7.3 and Profire 2626 so the combination can't be that bad.
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    I bought my Axiom Pro 49 from Sweetwater. Thinking of sending it back. Got a week to try getting going. What a pain