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    this actually solved the issue in my case! Thanks!
  • Oliver Jobson Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Trashing my airport config file works when the problem crops up, but usually the problem still crops up repeatedly - about once a week.

    I'm now trying turning off ipv6 to see if that will help - I won't hold my breath (this has been going on for 18 months now…)

    To trash the airport config file:

    Delete the airport config file in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. Copy the file to somewhere safe first (i.e. desktop) and then delete it in the original location and restart the mac whilst clearing the nvram (hold down alt + cmd + p + r as the macbook turns on - after hearing the startup chime twice, let go of the keys).
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    Ihave a black Mac Book running 10.5.8.  Sorry to say but I'm having thesame issue. At least reading all these posts lets me know I'm not alone andmeans I wont bother trying all the time consuming fixes that don't work.


    Notsure if it helps but my situation is strange. My MB works everywhere but oneparticular coffee shop. Single strength is good etc. just like everyone else,but after a couple of minutes pages stop loading. If I reset the IP address advanced it works again fro a few minutes. I'm now across the street and itsworking fine. So it appears the issue occurs when certain settings exist on the routerside. Fortunately fro me, home, and all the other locations I visit are fine.


    Iwish Apple would look into this. Obviously fro some it fare worse a problemthan others.


    Lookslike I'll be working across the street from now on.



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    I have a 2011 Macbook Pro 15" with every upgrade possible.  I, too, was losing wireless connectivity every 5-10 minutes..... To make sure it wasn't my router - I also had a Dell PC and a HP laptop connected wirelessly.  Both PC's continued to stay online - only the Macbook Pro lost it's connection.  I have since tested another theory - that maybe Safari was the culpri.... and so far that has proven to be exactly what the problem is.  I have used Google Chrome for 3 days - with never a lost connection.  I used Safari for 20 minutes - lost connection two times.  Tried the same with Firefox..... no lost connection.  No more Safari for me - and no more lost connections!!!  Good luck everyone

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    Hi, An update to my expirience to  this issue. I believe I may have narrowed down a possible cause. Someone posted back a number of posts ago they thought the issue was related to their Mac logging off due to a conflict with another device with the same IP. I don't have the exact words but in a nut shell it sounded like if another device was logged on his Mac would drope off due to soem sort of conflict. Well I think that is what been happening to me. At my favorite coffee shop durring the period I was having issue there were a number of others here online having no problem when I was having a problem staying connected. After a few minutes p[ages would stop loading. If I logged off, or reconnected  it woudl work again for a few minutes. One particulare person who is not here today was alway here with his newer Mac Book. Seemed like when he was around I had the issue. But that was only the appreaance. Anyway today he is not here, and looks like I'm the only person online and guess what? No problem. Been thirty minutes os so now. So it would seem that the earlier post suggesting this issue is soemhow related to otehr users conflicting seems to hold water. One other note, this is the only location this ever happened. So I have no idea if it was the otehr Mac user, or soemthing to do wit this locations wireless network or both. A possibel rare combination of the wrong router with just the right other computer logged on at the same time. If its something like that it woudl be very difficult to nail down o trouble shoot and probably would only effect a small number which might explain why Apple has done nothing. The coffee shop accross the road works fine for me while others are logged on too. Matter of fact thsi si the only place it ever happened. I thougt it might be my browser, or perhaspif I had too many open or perhaps taking too much bandwdth. I tried all that. Looks like the conflict therory may be it.


    Anyway it may all be a mute point soon as my G3 iPad arrives Friday. I expect I wont have that issue again.





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    Hello forum!


    I have a 2007 MBP 2.4 running Snow Leopard.  I have an ISP supplied 2Wire router.


    When I tried to login to the router for configuration, it would reboot everytime when using the MBP.  Solution: Remove the DHCP client ID, and no further problem logging in.


    My MBP connected flawlessly for over a year, until I noticed in the status screen of the router, that my MBP wasn't easily identified.  I went to the Advanced portion of the Airport and Ethernet settings and gave it a NetBios name.  Connection issues started almost immediately, driving me nuts for a week.  Last night I removed the NetBios names from both, and made sure no DHCP client was entered.  I streamed video to my blu-ray player flawlessly again, with MSN messenger seeming to be the only program that disconnected.


    I'm a happy MBP user once again!

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    I thought I should add what I have done for this problem.  My Macbook running 10.6.7 started dropping the internet connection shortly after upgrading to Snow Leopard.  I read all of the comments and tried all of the fixes.  I pinged, I reset, I put the desktop back on an ethernet cable instead of wireless, and did every fix that everyone suggested.  Some slowed it down, but never really made it stop.  Two days ago, I did not turn on Yahoo messenger, which I use.  No dropping of the connection.  I turned it on, and it disconnected within 5 minutes.  I turned it off and on a few more times, and when on, the connection would disconnect.  So Yahoo messenger is now completely off my computer, and for two days there have been no disconnects.  Somewhere there is a software glitch between Snow Leopard and Yahoo messenger.


    So I am keeping my fingers crossed, but for two and a half days now, I have had no disconnects!

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    I have a MAC BOOK PRO. I recently bought Sierra Wireless's AIRCARD 312U for internet connection.


    I have both MAC OS and WIN OS on the laptop.


    Until 8th Jul 2011, the datacard was able to connect to internet with amazing bandwidth and no issues at all. Now, when I connect to internet on MAC OS, it gets disconnected soon after 3 - 10 mins. I have to remove the data card from the USB slot and place it back again and now it will work fine but again after 2 - 10 mins it will disconnect. When I switch over to WIN OS, and connect to the internet using the same data card, it will work just fine with perfectly good bandwidth.


    I'm not sure if this is MAC OS problem OR is there a LIB file missing OR if there is a VIRUS in my MAC OR GOD KNOW's WHAT.


    I have also reinstalled the MAC OS and updated it with the latest packages since WIFI connection works just fine.


    Can someone please guide me and help me sort this problem?


    Thanks & Regards

    Mazhar Shaikh


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    I have a Macbook Pro circa August 2009 running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and been having the issue for quite some time now. My wife has an older Macbook Pro (2008 silver keys version) and has no issue whatsoever. She also has a Dell work Laptop running Windows 7 which has no connectivity issues.


    I got a fatal error in my hard drive recently and had to reformat it. I was actually hoping the internet connectivity issue being fixed would be the shining light. Unfortunately, it was not. I have tried every solution listed in this thread and nothing has helped... could it be a bad WIFI card in my computer?

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    I've tried Michel020's DNS addresses solution and also Juan Pablo Claude's Key Chain repair solution and neither worked for me I have a brand new 2011 11.6" Macbook Air and am so frustrated with the wireless connection cutting out all the time!  I do a lot of web editing so the lost connection is driving me crazy.  Apple can you please sort this out! In the meantime if anyone has any other solutions that has worked for them please do post!

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    I have the same problem too. I have a 8 month mac book. The first few weeks everything was fine until I noticed the internet connection going down. I would have all 4 bars black but randomly it will diconnect. And it's so frustrating to be turning on and off the airport. Sometimes I think it might be a factory defalt with these things? I wish someone could tell why this happens so much. 

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    I bought new MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard about a month ago and I have this annoying problem. It just disconnects from my router every minute and then I have to connect it again. All updates are installed. Will try to turn off IPV6, if it won't help, will try to update to Lion.


    Also called to apple store and they sayed that it is because of my router, but all other PCs work fine with it.

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    I am having the same problem. I go on the internet and everything is fine, but after i read a few emails and want to respond my internet stops working even tho my airport has full bars! Turning airport on and off is a quick fix that doesnt last for long. I got my mac in February and its a Mac OS X 10.6.8  and it is all updated! I made sure there was no DHCP client ID and i have just turned off the IPv6 and waiting to see what happens. Apple you really need to fix this!!! This is so frustrating and if this many users are having this problem then, Apple needs to come out with an update now! Thank you!

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    My macbook keeps disconneting too and I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it.  Very annoying.  Some days it's okay, but other times I argue with it for an hour or two, though it's only happened at home on my router.  We think it has something to do with the speed, because my mac can run at N speed (not entirely sure what that means but I'm sure some computer geek does), and I didn't have this trouble with our old router, which wouldn't use N speed.  So we're going to try dropping it down to G speed and seeing if I keep disconnecting.

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    Yep, same problem!  I'm guessing this is a bug.  Has anyone found a solution?

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