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  • Roark5 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been reading forum threads on this problem for the past few days, and no one seems to have a clear solution. My macbook pro is doing the exact same thing. I've had it since 2009, and had no problems until a week ago. All other wi-fi connected devices in the house (My Mac G4, Wii) all keep their connection. I've zapped the P Ram, loaded OnyX to repair all my permissions and it still keeps dropping the connection. I have a connection once I restart, but it drops after a few minutes, and Airport turns off and cannot be turned back on! Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?



  • nerahla Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to add my problem as well.  Same as everyone else's -- random dropping of the wifi connection, but I don't lose bars.  Nope.  I just lose connectivity.


    I have to turn Air Port off then back on to get it working again.  It's making my expensive Mac a stupid piece of crap.  Every other piece of electrical equipment in my house that uses my wifi does not lose connectivity.  Only my MacBook Pro.  Every 5 minutes or so.  It's stupid.

  • webz_7 Level 1 (0 points)

    isn't this a mac website??? seems like this problem has been going on for a long time and by the way i've been having the same problem also and noticed lots of ppl are having this problem! why aren't we getting any help from mac itself?? since october of 09 this has been going on and nothing is being done about it or nobody has any answers? ive had my MBP about 6 months and recently ive been having the same problem, full connection bars, but internet stopped working, have to reset the airport connection and it works again for another 10 minutes if you're on the internet a bit. sometimes its a half hour before you lose connection. everything else in the house that's connected to the wifi has no problem, just the MBP. Annoying is right!

  • FlyinPhil Level 1 (0 points)

    Ya, it is a bit disappointingthere’s been no help from Mac. I have the same issue; only it’s not bad as theothers. My home connection works fine. Its one particular coffee shop. Fullsignal, my black MB keeps disconnecting every ten minutes. But some days itsfine.. Perhaps it’s a very tough issue to identify a cause. The coffee shop acrossthe street is fine.


    Since my MB only has the issueat one location I can live with it, Shouldn’t have to though. Again it would benice if someone from Mac would weigh in on this.




  • Felipe Veiga Level 1 (0 points)

    I didn't have this issue until I have upgraded my router to a N band.

    I have tried to repair my keychain as told, and so far didn't see any drops in connectivity, but only time will tell.

    If nothing helps, I'm going back to my G band router.

  • bobnp Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just read an article that could well be the answer to my problem, as well as everbody else's.



    My MBP sits beside a microwave oven and about a metre from a cordless phone. Both of these devices interfere with the Wi Fi connection. I haven't been home to try it out yet, but it would make a lot of sense. WOuld be good to know if this could be the source of other people's issues.

  • thomasthepenguin Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having similar problem with iMac 10.6.8 since some update a few weeks ago with a French Freebox Revolution. Tried a few things but no effect, Airport keeps disconnecting. I cannot keep switching Airport On and Off all day.

    I found that this dropping of the connection do not affect movies and radios.


    Here is an efficient turnaround for me: open an iTunes radio and have it working all day long. Choose a nice one or put volume to zero.

    Zen is back.

  • geefromsomerset Level 1 (0 points)

    After nearly a month of constant daily frustration with my MacBook, here is what finally solved this problem for me, please follow these steps exactly:


    1. Since a restart is involved, save this list of instructions as a file in your computer, or print it out.


    2. Visit your router's configuration page and change the SSID to something different that you have never used before. Note that this means that all the wireless devices in your house/network will soon need to be reconfigured, but that is a small price to pay.


    3. As soon as you affect the SSID change on the router, your current macbook will be no longer connected. This is good.


    4. Turn off your router.


    5. Now for the important part: on your macbook, click the Airport wireless icon in the top bar, and choose Open Network Preferences.


    6. In the top of the resulting dialog, find the "Location" drop-down and expand it, then choose "Edit Locations".


    7. Tap the "+" at the bottom of the Locations list to add a new location. Give it a recognizable name like "HomeNew" or something.


    8. Now choose this new location as the current location.


    9. Now shut-down your mac (not restart, just shutdown).


    10. Now turn-on your router, then wait for at least 2 full minutes to make sure it is fully booted up.


    11. Now start your mac, wait for it to fully boot up.


    12. Now open Airport wireless nework preferences again and make sure that the new location is current, then in the available wireless networks list find the new SSID you had set for your router, and connect to it. Enter the required password etc.


    13. Your macbook should now remain connected to your router without constant disconnects.

  • AngelHairandBabysBreath Level 1 (0 points)

    How do I find my router's configuration page and what's the SSID?

  • Roark5 Level 1 (0 points)

    Very hopeful when I tried this, but unfortunately it has not worked. The Airport on my Macbook seems to just cut off, and then I cannot turn it back on. I have to restart to get the wifi signal again, but its never permanent. I may have a connection for ten minutes or ten seconds.


    Is anyone else having their Airport just shut off?

  • pc444 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everyone,


    A client of mine had this exact problem.


    After reading all 14 pages of this thread, and other threads as well - I found a solution that has worked for over 2 weeks now.


    I tried the constant ping, power editing, WPA2, ipv6 disabling, ethernet on manual, etc - but was looking for a permanent solution.


    What I did was a solution mentioned earlier which was change the SSID in the router, as well as change it to channel 10.


    My theory is that this is happening 'out of the blue' because it may be that in your area, a new router has come online and that one extra signal begins a new level of interference. I strongly feel this issue has to do with how particularly macbook's wireless antennea interacts with signals in your area. Since most routers are set to default channel 6, like a walkie talkie, those routers are in each other's frequencies.


    I do know that other people are having this issue plugged in directly to ethernet as well. I think that your router is also the culprit in terms of how many signals it is interacting with, just like MACs. I think there could be a 'doubling' of wireless issues between the MAC itself and your particular router brand. I think this is why some people are having a fix when they purhcase a new router.


    You will notice that one computer on the network is fine, while just the MAC isn't. So there may also be a coding issue in terms of how MAC computers read and interpret the signal - which can explain why there is wireless and direct-plugin issues here.


    I'm not exactly sure what the problem is in the end, it is pretty interesting to say the least.


    Anyway, I think this is the fix, and has worked for me.


    Try different channels, particularly 9,10,11 - if 10 doesn't work for you. You edit these in your router config settings.


    Good luck all.


    My last theory is that apple does know about this issue, but are remaining silent because if they were to address it - it probably means they would have to do a lot of returns.

  • El Chupacabra Level 1 (0 points)

    I´m joining this 2 year old thread.


    I´ve got a Macbook 5.1 and a MBP 4.1 and dealing with the same problem


    I recently switched out my old D-Link G-router for the  "fantastic" Airport Extreme


    But what the AE gains in speed it lack in stability. It disconnects several times a day and all wireless networks dissappears until reboot.


    I used to love Apple but seems it´s just some overpriced crApple!!

  • bamboozel1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    You shouldnt have to go through the hassle to do this. Has apple fixed this problem on Lion? If they did, i'll definatly buy it.

  • ajtw01 Level 1 (0 points)

    OMG, my MBP- and this baby isn't even a year old- is doing the same thing.  AT&T and I almost became enemies behind this issue too.  I still haven't found a way to keep this from happening.  Please help?

  • jonjkim12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem




    i use internet in 3 places, it works great at my apartment and my girlfiends, but at work it has he disconnecting problem.


    what's weird is my old OLD laptop used to get great wifi strength at work so i'm not sure what the problem is. no one else in the office seems to have the problem. so i know its not the router. any help?


    must be a setting?

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