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We have several ipods, some of which were set up on a couple of computers that crashed. We also have three different computers and some of the ipods were set up on each of the computers. How can we import and consolidate all of the music on our ipods into one itunes library. We would like to sell a couple of the older ipods, but we want to be able to keep all of the music.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1), also use a G4
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    Have you failed to maintain a back of the music?
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    Be very careful when connecting an iPod full of music to an empty iTunes library.There is very real risk of permanently losing all the music.

    To prevent auto sync, before you connect the iPod go to iTunes/preferences and select "devices", then select "disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods".

    An alternative method is to connect the iPod whilst holding down the 'Command + Option' keys and do not let them go until your iPod appears in iTunes.

    If you see a message that your iPod is associated with a different library and asks if you want to link to a new one, make sure you press "Cancel".

    If you should click on "Erase and Sync" will erase all the content currently on your iPod and it will be replaced with the content of the iTunes library you just connected to.

    When you've pressed cancel your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list under "devices" and allow you to change the update setting to manage the iPod content manually, and that will let you use your iPod for the time being without the risk of accidentally erasing the contents.

    Then do any of the following to transfer your music from iPod back to the computer/iTunes.

    For iTunes version 7 or later, then you can transfer purchased iTunes store music from the iPod to an authorized computer by using the "file/transfer purchases from iPod" menu. Note that the maximum of 5 authorized computers applies here.

    Find out how to do that here.

    How to copy iTunes purchases from an iPod or iPhone to a computer.

    For all other non purchased content (your own CDs etc), check out the instructions/suggestions here.

    Try iPodDisk. This is a program designed to transfer music from iPod to computer.

    Similar programs are Expod, Yamipod, Senuti and Music Rescue.

    If you want to retrieve playlists, iPodRip has the feature enabling you to reconstruct them.
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    Well we figured that the ipod served as a back up.
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    The iPod is not reliable enough to use it as a long term storage device for the only copy of your music, and these forums are littered with posts from people who decided to use it as such and ended up losing all their music.
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    It can be tough to convince your children of this until something happens, which did, and now is the reason why we use time machine and several external drives. Thank you so much for all of your support, as we will be looking into one of the programs you mentioned in an effort to save the music before the ipods burn out.