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I need urgent help with the microsoft entrouge program

For last 2 days, without unknown reasons, I start this program and it just runs and runs , gives me loading sign , i cannot check my emails and other such things.
I sent many reports for this error.

is there any suggestions for me me to run this program normally?

thank you

p.s. I really advise apple groups to come up with an alternative office solution for microsoft applications including integrating the email calendar with projects application. the only reason I use entourage is that it provides project integration..however, now it does not work

I hope that one day apple software will not use microsoft and provide its on office applications. really, this is soo annoting, anything with microsoft gives me error including word, powerpoint and finally entourage.

help us to get rid of from microsoft.

Sincere Regards.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), entrouge problem