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I'm befuddled and need some help. I have both HD6 and iMovie 09 on my Mac. I have also upgraded to SL. I thought I might switch to iMovie 09 but it just didn't work out. Returned to HD6 to complete a project. I work mainly with stills, working them into video montages with music. I noticed the HD6 was acting a bit odd and figured it was SL. Came to the Forum and learned it was a problem others were having and was probably related to QuicktimeX. I deleted QTX thinking that might solve the problem, ran a permissions check, and restarted the computer. HD6 will not load. Tried to restore things using Time Machine but I keep striking out. Out of curiosity I tried iMovie09. It will not load. Nor will Photo-to-Movie. Went back to the SL install discs and reloaded QTX and used the custom install to reload the QT7. Still no luck.

I'm afraid to move at this point. Obviously I have messed up something but I don't want to compound the problem further. I'm considering a complete re-install of SL. Does anyone have advice or comments?


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    Not sure of what You want to do.

    Start a project in iMovie HD 6 then cont. in iMovie'09 ?

    If so - NOT Possibly !

    iMovie'08 & 09 are NO upgrade from previous version BUT a totally new application.

    That's why a project can't migrate. Neither can an iMovie HD 6 project migrate to
    FinalCut in a still editable form.
    Only Export of raw material can be done. = Start all over.

    (This goes from iM'08 & 09 too - not compatible formats to FinalCut (any version))

    Yours trying Bengt W
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    Bengt, Thank you. I realized it was a complex scenario to present and I should have left out the part about trying iMovie 09.

    Simply put, none of my video programs would load and even iPhoto was acting a bit strange. But I managed to resolve the problem by re-installing SL and I also explored the SL Optional Installations which provided QT7 and Rosetta for "older programs". Everything loads fine now and iMovie HD6 does appear to be working better now that QT7 has been reloaded AFTER Snow Leopard.