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I'm really not sure where this question belongs, since it touches on so many products, but at least they are all Apple creations.

I run Aperture on my MacBook Pro and really love it. It was especially fun to see all my photos sync beautifully to my iPhone.

I think the problem started when my Aperture library got too large to sync to my iPhone, so I had to ask it to sync specific albums instead of the whole library. So I asked it to sync the last 30 days' photos + all 5-star photos.

This worked for a while but eventually the dreaded (to iPhoto Users) Unknown Error -50 came up. Apparently this means there is an error in the XML file used to submit albums to the iPhone. If you use iPhoto, there is an XML file you can check and try to repair. However, I have been unsuccessful in finding this file's equivalent for Aperture.

Now, I could just sync all photos taken in the last 30 days - that works. But I would really like to be able to sync all five star photos.

Any idea how I can fix my files to solve the problem?

Many thanks.


PowerMac G5 2ghz dual, Mac OS X (10.3.x)