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    Funny, but I have and have had the same problem with non iphones and my cell service. Leave an area and the phone fails to find service again. I think it is more a cell technology problem. My wife and kids had sony ericson phones and they frequently needed to be rebooted when they drove from one town to another that were in different cell regions.
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    Do you really have no service? I do have the same problem from time to time, but I have found out that even if the iPhone displays no service, I am able to place a call and then the signal bars come on again. At first I was just as frustrated and rebooted, but one time I tried to place a call and was able to do it successfully, since then I just make sure that I am back on coverage area and disregard the no service message.
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    you find that acceptable?

    The software is full of bugs and instead of taking it as okay, Apple should address the issue... Hopefully one day you miss an important call or drop a call because of this... then you will wish that the bugs had been fixed.

    You pay a premium for the phone and the service, Apple needs to deliver. I am tired of rebooting. Even Microsoft makes a more stable Mobile OS
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    i am in australia and i get the same problem here too,after reading this
    discussion, it helped me out thanks too all
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    Hi, I live in Argentina and I have an iphone with 3.1.2 with the carrier Claro, and have the same problem. After reboot it complicated to get service again.

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    Even if it were a problem with the signal itself, which I'm unconvinced of, the fact that the user can manually reestablish a connection by switching airplane mode off and on again makes me think that, at the very least, Apple's firmwares jury-rig a solution to this all automatically.

    It could be done with something as simple as:

    begin signallostreboot
    if signallost
    if signallostreboot 0
    then turnoffwirelessservice
    wait 5
    then turnonwirelessservice
    set signallostreboot to 1
    else end
    end signallostreboot

    if signallostreboot 1
    wait 120
    set signallostreboot to 0
    end signallostreboot

    Done. I think the issue is either that the problem is more complicated than it appears to be, or Apple simply doesn't know this is happening to people.

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    I'm having the problem about 10 times a day. At home I'm fine, but when driving through areas where I used to find networks easily it's failing me... Also at the office... Hope this gets resolved soon!
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    It's also happened to my iphone tonight, no previous problems, have been using 3.1.2 for a while now. While I was making a phone call the signal drops out and the call got disconnected. I used to have good reception on my phone at home. Now it just 1 or no bars and Searching....
    My carier is T-Mobile (in the Netherlands).
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    TT, Los Angeles, 3.1.2 on a 3GS...i get the same issues....this is not confined to 3G.
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    Today for the first time i have this problem. I always had a good signal in my home. Today it stopped with searching and than no service.

    Putting it in Airline modus did not work.

    I also use T-mobile. (In the Netherlands)
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    I found out, that if I select no 3G in the iphone, I have permanent connection. If I put 3G on again, almost immediately I lose contact and see no service again.
    I used my old Nokia N73 to test the signal. It received 3G signal some of the time, but a good non 3G signal all the time.
    It looks like the Iphone is no (longer) able to switch between 3G signal and non 3G signal.
    If this problem stays, I have to go using my old phone again, because it is my business connection.

    I hope this problem is solved soon.
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    I don't want to make this a local to Holland issue. However, I rang T-mobile 5 minutes ago. They told me they were doing maintenance in my area (Oss region) since thu november 26th, should be solved on december first.
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    Same problem here with 3.1.2 3GS in Brazil, Sao Paulo !
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    RE :: x64Man

    Guy, the issue is not with Rogers. Nor Telus. Nor AT&T. Nor O2.

    It is Apple. You decided to get an iPhone. Live with it. Don't blame the network. Blame APPLE!

    If you have beef, like I do, contact Apple. Get to the top.

    Go to and report the bug. Contact Apple Customer Relations and get your voice heard. If you want to make the point across... Call Apple. Don't threaten to leave Rogers because of Apple's poor testing on OS releases.