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Pcazimuth Level 1 Level 1
So many of us are have a problem with the new 5th generation iPod Nano being recognized by iTunes 9. Me too. In fact, my computer crashed when I tried to use it. Now, I am afraid to even bring it up.

Is there anyone here who is NOT having any problems at all with iTunes 9 and the 5th generation of iPod Nano?

Can you let us know your settings please?

Win XP SP3, all updates current.

PC Self Built, Windows XP, 8 GB Memory, 5th Generation Silver Nano
  • Dave_M_Bird Level 1 Level 1
    Just posted an identical issue. Itunes 9 with Nano 5g ..... HELP!!!!
  • virg Level 2 Level 2
    What problems? I just attached the Nano to my computer and it self sync'd to my music list and that was that. I had already upgraded to iTunes 9.0.1 weeks before buying the iPod. I have four iPods, 3ea Shuffle's and the one iPod Nano 5th gen. Each one sync's fine to whatever play list I choose.

    My recommendation is to download the Operating manual from the Apple web site if you already haven't; restore your Nano and start again per instructions. It should work fine. Somehow something was not done right.

    Good luck...virg.

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  • Pcazimuth Level 1 Level 1
    I am glad you have no problems, Virg. Unfortunately, many of us do and I have no idea why. I have "reset" my NEW Nano, 8gb 5th generation several times. Upgraded to iTunes 9.0.1, etc etc.

    As far as "something not done right", I simply don't see it. What's there not to do right? I never had a problem with my older nano and iTunes. I'd simply plug it in to my computer's USB port and up popped iTunes...syned great, etc, etc.

    ONLY with this new one and I am not alone.

    I hope you continue to have no problems. Even tech support can't seem to help some people. ::big sigh::

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  • virg Level 2 Level 2
    There is a difference between "reset" and "restore". You need to "restore" your Nano. This procedure restores the factory settings allowing you to start from scratch. "Reset" just unfreezes a locked up condition similar to when you reboot your computer.

    To update or restore iPod nano:
    1 Make sure you have an Internet connection and have installed the latest version of
    iTunes from
    2 Connect iPod nano to your computer.
    3 In iTunes, select iPod nano in the device list and click the Summary tab.
    The Version section tells you whether iPod nano is up to date or needs a newer version
    of the software.
    4 Click Update to install the latest version of the software.
    5 If necessary, click Restore to restore iPod nano to its original settings (this erases all data
    from iPod nano). Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process.

    Good luck...virg
  • Pcazimuth Level 1 Level 1
    I understand what you are saying. What I am trying to say is when I connected my iPod, it did not show up in iTunes at all!! Then computer crashed big time. So, that means I cannot "reset" NOR "retore". If I got lucky and restored...losing all data...then not be able to re-download all my tunes in iTunes, then I'd have a crashed computer and an iPod with nothing on it LOL.

    So many people are experiencing iTunes NOT recognizing their new iPod. If the iPod gets recognized, then most likely we'd be like you and have no problem.

    AS I said before, this problem was a shock for me as my old iPod Nano never had a problem at all. Never had to reset nor restore. It just finally gave out...nothing to do with iTunes. I miss it LOL


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  • Dave_M_Bird Level 1 Level 1

    I have a similar issue, When I plug in my Nano 5g, iTunes freezes and Task manager reports it as "not responding". It never comes back to life, even if left for hours.

    I've tried everything: uninstall/reinstall; different usb cables; different usb port; even tried it on 2 different PC's - same problem .....

    .... until today, I tried it at work on an XP Pro machine and all works perfectly. The 2 machines I tried it on last night were XP Home.

    Tonight I will try on Vista and see what happens.

    Is there a conflict between Nano 5g, iTunes 9 and Windows XP Home ????

  • reallyTired Level 1 Level 1
    I have a similar story. Can't get iTunes 9.0 to identify my new Nano 5G. Message says " An iPod has been detected but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again.

    I'm using a Dell 512K XP Pro running SP3. I've tried: stopping/restarting ipod service; uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes,QuickTime & related apple software; restricted running services to absolute minimum to eliminate conflicts; checked registry; changed drive letters & different USB ports. Nothing's worked. My Computer sees the iPod just fine, even sees its various files eg calender etc. Adobe photo downloader (when enabled) automatically fires up when I connect the Nano & grabs photos off it. So that's proof at least one application identifies it OK. My older Shuffle comes up in iTunes without any drama. I'm at wits end. How can Apple make the Nano 5G so fussy that its own software has difficulties picking it up unless everything is 120%?
    Any ideas?
  • virg Level 2 Level 2
    Well, I've run out of ideas I should have realized I'm not that familiar with a PC anymore since I switched to a Mac years ago. Hope you can resolve your problem.

  • Pcazimuth Level 1 Level 1
    It could be a problem with Win XP itself. My husband tried it on his Win 7 beta and the iPod was recognized immediately. He does not, however, have iTunes as the iPod is mine and he isn't into music LOL.

    Thanks for your input, Virg. I didn't realize until your last post that you are on a MAC. Perhaps that's the answer with this new stuff. Like I said, my old iPod worked with all versions of iTunes just fine.
  • Dave_M_Bird Level 1 Level 1

    Doesn't work on Vista either. XP Pro at work is the work around for me until someone at Apple actually recognises that there really is an issue with their software.

    Not impressed but then it is iTunes, which I consider to be an awful and unnecessary piece of software.

    If anyone ever cracks this please post back!!


  • crankyguy Level 1 Level 1
    It doesn't work with a Mac either. I have a 3 year old Ipod video. Since I installed itunes 9, when I try to sync my ipod, itunes crashes, shuts down and sends the old error report.
    Since my Mac is a over a year old,and the ipod 3, none of Mac's "famous customer service" is available
    Might as well have a Dell and call India for all the help we get.
  • pdrizzle Level 1 Level 1
    macbook running 10.5.8, brand new ipod nano gen5, itunes 9.0.2

    nano shows up in finder. itunes crashes after a few moments after plugging in (or if already plugged in). nano works fine on my xp machine.

    itunes works fine with my shuffle.
  • Goufy Level 1 Level 1
    I also have an issue with my itunes 9 not recognizing my new 5th gen nano as I posted on the thread titled "itunes 9.0 won't resognize my 5th gen nano"

    As you can see on my thread, I've tried numerous solutions, including a trip to the Apple store (The iPod hardware and software are not damaged in any way). any additional help to make this work would be appreciated.
  • Dave_M_Bird Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry this has been a long time coming, but I've finally sorted out my wife's ipod nano 5th gen.

    Not good news I'm afraid ... the solution was a complete Windows reinstall.

    I suspected all along that the issue was with an Upgrade to iTunes as opposed to a fresh install, and now I've proved this on all platforms : XP Pro, XP Home and Vista.

    Upgrading iTunes from an earlier version fails with some iPods, whereas a fresh install works just fine. A full Uninstall and Reinstall doesn't clear the issue either.

    Hope this helps anyone out there with similar issues.

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