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bob2131 Level 1 (15 points)
hi, just purchased UC33e midi controller. To free myself from mouse somewhat.

Anyone using it with logic?

Im a bit unsure about some things.
I know normal things like mixer controls can be mapped.

But what about for example, EXS24 parameters/buttons?
Say i want to assign a knob to EXS24 feature like filter cut off.
can i do this? ive looked at logic manual. Isnt there a guide which shows you exactly what buttons etc are assignable to midi controllers?


Windows XP Pro
  • logikal Level 1 (25 points)

    Open your plugin window (in this example, EXS24).

    With your mouse, click and move the filter cutoff knob on the EXS.

    Without clicking anything else, press (Command+L)

    A window will pop up, pay no mind.

    Move your desired knob on the UC33e far left and far right (for good measure).

    Press (Command+L) again to finalize.


    For all other parameters, repeat process.

    If you have any trouble, I'll check back when I can. Good Luck.

  • bob2131 Level 1 (15 points)
    thankyou thankyou thankyou

    its working. Just read up on this topic in the manual too.
    this is great. Doesnt look like logic supports it officially, so gotta manually assign stuff. And logic remembers the assignments too, great.

    now i just need to learn the uc33 more, finding it very complicated and hard to grasp how to fully operate its features.

    should i make zones within logic controller settings? or use diff midi channel feature of uc33? for example say if i assign all the knobs to channel eq.
    I would like to switch that layer to another set of controls say for example channel sends, or compressor plug in controlls, or even specific exs24 plug in controlls.

    whats the best way to switch controlls like this?

  • gilapuki Level 3 (530 points)
    Which version of Logic are you using?
  • bob2131 Level 1 (15 points)
    logic pro 8
    10.5.4 osx
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    It is a while since I used Logic 8 in earnest, but here goes. It does one thing that Logic 9 doesn't do. In 8, it is possible to set up a control network in the environment that will allow you to change a lot of FX & synth parameters. There are limitations; there is a limit on the number of parameters that can be controlled in each channel strip. If you have more than one FX per channel strip, then the number of parameters is divided equally between all the FX. I forget what the limit is, but you will find that in the manual, probably in the Environment section.

    I use this power in several ways. One is to set up complex FX with all aspects of the sound being controlled by my UC-33. Another way is to change between several synths by means of a combination of switches & channel splitters. Handled properly, synths can be combined in various ways to give interesting groups of sound that can be changed at the touch of a control. The several synth sounds can also be altered live from the controller. This gives a lot of potential for interesting live sounds on stage.

    To do all this, you will need to become conversant with the Environment. This is a daunting task at first, but persevere, & it will all become much simpler with time & experience.
    Start by learning about Transformers (very versatile & useful), Line Switches (I can't remember the correct term for these - they allow you to move between several items) and Channel Splitters. There are several more available, but these will act as the backbone to almost every thing you set up in the Environment.

    Have fun with your ideas.
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    bob2131 wrote:

    should i make zones within logic controller settings? or use diff midi channel feature of uc33? for example say if i assign all the knobs to channel eq.

    I use different midi channels. You don't have to use different channels on the UC-33. It is possible to change midi channel settings in the Environment; that might be better for your needs, experiment!

    I would like to switch that layer to another set of controls say for example channel sends, or compressor plug in controlls, or even specific exs24 plug in controlls.

    whats the best way to switch controlls like this?


    There are several ways to do this. It will depend on what you want to do. (I will have to look at my Logic 8 set ups to refresh my memory).
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    thankyou thankyou thankyou so much.

    this is complex stuff. I will get round to learning the environement for this aspect.
    Ive delved into environement on PC version years ago, yeah its daunting at first, my music teacher warned me against it!! lol he kept saying to his students "dont go in the environement unless you know what youre doing!". hes kinda right.

    what i noticed, was i set up all the uc33 knobs to control all the EQ parameters on a channel EQ plug in. But what i noticed was that each knob was not using the same midi channel...... so i kinda dont get that. With ableton you can assign all midi channel 1 layer of controls, and then switch to midi channel 2 via uc33 and assign all the knobs again and switch between the two. (im an ableton newbie yet though)

    you say you use diff midi channels, how do you switch between them? via the uc33 or via logic manually with a mouse ?

    thanks gilapuki
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    I've just had a look at Logic 8 again. I confused 8 with 7. I'm sorry, I should have checked first before raising your hopes.
    In 7, all aspects can be controlled live from the UC33.
    In 8, they changed the way automation works. I have only been able to allocate one control at a time. In other words, you can't set up a controller to change all the parameters of an EQ simultaneously. This I find is a severe limitation. I have sent several requests to Apple to change this.

    On a more positive note. The UC-33 can be used to control all sounds in MainStage. Not much good for recording, but very good for live performance.
    Using UC-33 with MS is simple, but takes time to set up one or two templates first. More on that later.
    You can use different MIDI channels from the UC-33, but in practice, I find that is not necessary. I run everything from channel 12 now. My MIDI guitar uses channels 1-6.

    Back to templates. What I have done is to create a duplicate of the UC-33 control desk in MainStage's Layout page. i.e. three rows of 8 knobs each; 9 faders under the knobs; on the right, a bank on 10 buttons. Optional extras include meters to show volume on Output 1-2 & any other instruments/synths used, to show the Current time, to show CPU usage. Anything that you find useful/helpful to making live music.

    To re-iterate. You will have to go back to Logic 7 to use the UC-33 the way you want to.
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    thanks for taking the time to help.

    i have assigned all knobs to controll all channel eq controls.
    not sure what you mean by "you cant set up a controller....."
    i just did it manually knob for knob.

    not using mainstage. IVe got my hands full already.

    now im trying to use UC33 with my pc on logic 5.5.
    having problems.
    can i assign a knob to a VST controll?
    logic is recognising midi, fader and pan is auto assigned and working. But i cant seem to assign anything else.
    When i try to scan and install, it doesnt get recognised. only two mackie controllers are listed.
    using usb, would connecting via midi help?

  • bob2131 Level 1 (15 points)
    progress made.
    discovered manually programming CC numbers in the uc33.
    vst manuals list details. pretty neat.

    but still cant get how to assign track solo and mute to the uc33 on pc. its doable, but i just cant figure out how.

    and a little problem, since ive been messing about with midi settings etc...

    i have a roland a37 midi keyboard, its worked fine with logic for years.
    and i think somehow ive indirectly affected my midi keyboard.

    as ive been playing around with automation and key commands window with midi cc numbers etc.

    basically the A key in middle of my midi keybaord is not working properly, it only sounds ever so slightly if i put maximum pressure on. and logic trasport bar doesnt even say its an A being pressed. all logic transport says is C2 and velocity value.

    i think the channel pressure or aftertouch is involved. as i have to press really hard, hold down,and then if i quickly hit again i can hear it..........all other keys seemed to be working as normal.

    can i reset? ive never adjusted settings on teh actual a37 keyboard. so im assuming its to do with a setting in logic.
    i just want the midi keyboard to work as normal with logic.

    please please help.
    im playing keyboard for the first time in months.
    and i need to use this key especially, and see the chord names properly in transport bar.

    thankyou thankyou.