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Terence Norman Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)
Hi All. I've got an external HD which has been used for TM backups for my iBook. I've now got an iMac. My first inclination was to buy an external HD for the iMac's TM backups. However as I now rarely use both the iBook and the iMac at the same time, presumably I could just connect the existing HD to the iMac and let TM use it - I don't know, any advice? (When funding permits the new iMac will get its own HD but that might be a little while.) TIA - Terry.

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  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10 (255,780 points)
    TM can backup both computers to the same drive provided you can connect the drive to each computer when you wish to do a backup. When you connect the drive to your iMac, OS X will ask if you want to use it for TM backups. Respond OK and TM preferences will open. Configure TM to backup to the connected drive. The only caveat is to use a different Computer Name for each computer. The Computer Name can be edited in Sharing preferences.

    Note that a TM backup drive should have a capacity at least twice that of the drive or drives you backup with TM.
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    Thank you for your detailed reply - I was wondering about computer names; I'm pretty sure they're different, Thanks for telling me how to change them - this will be useful elsewhere too. Not sure about the capacity though - might need another HD anyway.
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    To add to Kappy's excellent advice, I'd strongly suggest partitioning the drive, so TM on each Mac has it's own, exclusive space. See #4 and 5 in the Frequently Asked Questions *User Tip* at the top of this forum.