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HombreLobo Level 1 (0 points)
Since i installed Snow Leopard on my Imac (24", 4GB, 2,4 Ghz.) i get the 'disk too slow' error many times, even if i have two or three simultaneous tracks running. That's ridiculous. On Leopard i never had any problems. I record on an external harddrive connected by firewire 800 and i use an edirol FA66 as an external sounddevice. I already set the recording settings for making the most tracks (i never had to do that on Leopard). Is there anybody else having these problems since Snow Leopard?

Imac 24" mid 2007, Powerbook G4 12", Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • JDSjdsJDS Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes I'm having the same issues. I may go back to leopard.

  • Level 1 (5 points)
    Yes I had the same problem but I have solved it.
    I to had all my Garageband songs stored on a second drive in my new MacPro. Garageband ran slow, showed messages such as too many real instrument tracks... disk too slow etc. Moved all the files to the start-up disk and all the problems went away.
    Try it
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    Just a thought.
    SL seems to be able to detect any movement of the GarageBand folder and therefore uses it to create a new project. (No need to tell an any application where the file folder is kept anymore with SL) Therefore from the outset GB is running to a second drive (if that is where your GarageBand song folder is located) and there are plenty of warnings with many applications that however fast your second drive connection (internal or firewire 800) in essence file access is slower. This is evident in IPhoto for instance... keeping the photo library on a second disc shows up as a slight delay when a large JPG is opened whereas if the library is on the startup disc the delay disappears.
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    Is there any workaround yet. I have the same problems. With Logic 9 under leopard everything went really smooth now with snow leopard I get the annoying error. The problem is that I don't want to relocate my files.

    Is there any possibility to fix this?
  • Dave Harris-Fried Level 1 (5 points)
    I have this same issue (Disk Too Slow Error -10005) and I'm not even using an external drive. I'm using the internal 7200 rpm drive that came in my macbook.

    I get the error with only 2 tracks (one loop, one real instrument).

    I'm using a Line6 Pod XT-Live connected via USB, and there's nothing else connected to the computer, nor is there anything else running.

    Any ideas?

    Macbook Pro 15" 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, 7200rpm drive OS 10.6.1
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    I have a new MacBook Pro with SSD it runs GB with no problems including any slowdowns... I had to use it whilst I was sorting out the MacPro slowdown with SL. Even though I have said I have solved it in other posts in actual fact GB still runs slow on my 8 core shown up by jumpy tracking of the play head line.
    Have you set the GB preferences for lots of real instrument tracks? Just a thought.
    I also use a USB mic.
  • Yungling Piano Studio Level 1 (10 points)
    I, too, just received this error while recording a single track, acoustic piano with USB mic. I have never recorded a song longer than 80-90 measures. Today I went past 170 measures and the msg popped up. I'm using the internal drive. Time Machine is not turned on.

    I never used garageband before snow leopard so I can not speak to that.
  • JKSBass Level 2 (200 points)
    I wish I could help, but I have to chime in here.

    I use GB '09 with Snow Leopard and have not yet encountered any insurmountable problems. The worst that happens to me is occasionally a track will make itself unavailable - but saving, closing out and rebooting the sequencer always repairs the glitch (so far).

    That being said: I do not create any external midi-controller tracks and only use a couple of really basic third-party plugins. I do, however, load zillions of (audio and midi) tracks atop each other, and while I've gotten the spinning rainbow-wheel of death a few times, I only had to force-quit once.

    Seeing all these GB '09/Snow Leopard conflict posts concerns me greatly though, and I'm just as anxious for resolution as you all must be.
  • poflynn Level 4 (1,300 points)
    Seeing all these GB '09/Snow Leopard conflict posts concerns me greatly though, and I'm just as anxious for resolution as you all must be.

    There may indeed be some glitch Apple needs to address. Keep in mind that often the problem seems worse because only the people with problems will post here. We don't hear from all those without a problem.
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    Of course not... these forms are mainly for those with problems... !!!!! Just in case anybody reading this has had the problem of no drivers for M-Audio firewire I/Os the beta drivers for 6.1 are available on the M-Audio forums now.
  • HombreLobo Level 1 (0 points)
    I've read all the possible solutions and i still encounter the same problems. Recording on the system harddisk helps a bit but i don't want to record on the sytem harddisk. I also encounter problems with 'lag', the sound from the monitor has a delay (which i never had on Leopard). The overall GB performance is very low in comparison to Leopard.
    Maybe GB doesn't perform like it should because of the 64bit SL?
    I hope Apple fix this problem soon
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    I'm posting here with JKSBass .

    I'm not having any problems with GB and Snow Leopard whatsoever. I'm also using GB with 3 external drives with loops on 2 USB 2.o drives and one Firewire 800 drive.
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    I have the same issue and I also have an Edirol FA66...
  • Anberliner Level 1 (0 points)
    Tried uninstalling and then re-installing garageband, same issue...
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