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Hi - I'm new to Mac computers and not very proficient in computerspeak anyway so would be grateful for guidance. Almost every time I start to type anything, especially in Safari, up pops this annoying keychain request and the typing starts to appear in the box. I click on cancel to get rid of it -it pops up again immediately - click again and its gone. It came up 6 times alone while I was trying to set up my Apple identity to access to this forum. I have never come across anything like this before on ordinary computers, but it really making me wish I had not switched to Mac. Can't find any mention of what to do in Help. Please - how do i get rid of this annoying pop-up? What's it for anyway? I have read Help on keychains and I don't see why I need one for any of the applications available if I am the only one with access to my laptop?

ps - I found a similar question asked a couple of times recently on the forum and no-one answered.


macpro laptop, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Richard Valentine Level 1 (15 points)
    Key chain access is a pretty useful little application when it works properly.

    Essentially it stores various passwords you need to access different parts of your system, or to log on to your internet or email provider without having to fill in the passwords each time you want to access these things.

    You don't say what the keychain access is actually requesting of you.

    Sometimes it asks if you want to add a password to it when you access a website such as facebook, or any site that requires people to log on to access it.

    If you fill in an on line form, it might ask you if you want to put this info into key chain so you don't have to input it again another time.

    I don't pretend to know much about key chain and there are probably power users out there that make much better use of it than I.

    But generally speaking whenever it asks me if I want to do something, I say yes and so far no problems.
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    thanks you for replying Richard - what it says is 'safari wants to use login keychain' and offers a box to type something in. Would this be the same as the password I use to start up the laptop when i switch on? From what you are saying it sounds as like if I give it that it will remember it, use it every time I go the safari, and shut up and go away and not bother me again. But I am nervous of giving it that password and then finding it has shut me out of something because it is the wrong thing and me not knowing how to change it?
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    Thinking more about your reply and what it means I just had a bright idea - when I try to work in Safari is the password it is asking me to use the one that accesses my broadband/emailing account - not the one that starts up the laptop???????
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    it's asking for your master password if you have one which it would appear that you do and that would be your login password. unless your situation is different than mine, it will keep popping up but it shouldn't be every page you open. you just enter your login password and it releases it. i'm having the same problem. at some point, every time i go to a page that requires password login, that keychain access box pops up. it wasn't always like that but i didn't stop the first time it happened and try to figure out if i had made any changes that would cause it so now i just surf the boards looking for the answer. it's not that big a deal but it is annoying so every once in a while i go looking for the answer and here we are ? hopefully someone will be able to tell us how to turn it off. - good luck, brian
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    p.s - if you've found an answer elsewhere, it would be helpful to me and others in the same situation who stumble across this thread if you would post the solution here for us as well. - thanks, brian
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    p.p.s. -

    well, it appears you and i have a different but similar situation. on further research, i found a page that addresses what sounds like your problem but isn't much help to me. sorry for the confusion. i incorrectly assumed that you and i were suffering the same problem. anyway, for you if you haven't already solved the problem which you probably have i'm guessing due to the date of your last post, or anyone else who is having your problem, you will find it addressed here ;

    http://machacks.tv/2008/06/08/safari-wants-to-use-the-login-keychain-and-how-to- let-it/
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    Hi - sorry for long delay in reply - been having internet connection problems.

    I followed the link in your last post and did what it said. This appears to have cured the problem.

    I say appears - because it was a very erratic problem, and as I have not been able to access Safari for some time I havn't had the chance to make sure. Will let you know further when it has been running for a couple of days.

    many thanks for your efforts - it sounds like other people have been having this problem too
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    Yep! - did the trick - no repeat of problem

    many thanks