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so i whent to updt my phone and now its stuck on the recovery screan(its tellsing me to plug it into itunes) so i plug it in and a little pop up in the bottom corner comes up (i have a pc) and it says new softwhere found: apple mobile device(recovery mode). then another one pop ups saying that a problem occured durring hardwear installation and that i might have problems with my hardwear... and i am. ive surffed the web looking for answers...i got close...i founf a forum on here that seemed like it was going good untill the end and it didnt work. ive tried to down load it again from the manufacture but my computer doesnt know the maufacture....im about to throw this **** thing out the window....please some one help me!!!!!!

pc, Windows Vista
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    HI and Welcome to Apple Discussions...

    Try restoring your iPhone, help here.


    *"my phone and now its stuck on the recovery screan"*

    Does iPhone appear frozen or stuck? To reset iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. During this time, a red "power off" slider may appear and the screen may go black, but do not release Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears.

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    its not frozen...it wants to be plugged into itunes and i do and then it says something about apple mobile device recovery mode and it wants to find the hardwear but idk.....idk what to do!!!!
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    I have the same problem, I tried the hold both buttons for 10 seconds and the apple logo appeared. Then it came back with the same USB to iTunes display. Same problem when connected to my Windows Vista PC. Tried connecting to another that had never had iTunes installed before and after downloading and installing 9.0.1 I had the same problem.
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    I've had exactly the same problem. Something interrupted the update of the OS (I have no idea what - I was reading a book next to my computer while it was doing it) and I think probably because it stopped partway through, it wrecked the whole process. Now the phone just wants to be connected to iTunes but (presumably because its whole OS is only partly installed) it cannot tell when I have connected it. Rebooting the phone makes no difference - I get the same "connect USB to iTunes" picture come up.

    As described by others, I get the same "New Device Found" message about "apple mobile device (recovery mode)" come up when I plug it in and iTunes fails to notice that the iPhone is plugged in.

    If this results in my iPhone being wiped and me losing all my settings and saved data on applications AGAIN I am going to be extremely unhappy. The last time I tried to update the OS the same thing happened and I had to fully reset the phone and lost all the data on my phone. When iTunes says it is backing up the iPhone, that is a very limited statement - none of the data stored by the apps is backed up (e.g. saved games, stored files, etc.) so that is all lost when you fully reset the phone.

    Apple, please propose a solution to this. I have already tried re-installing iTunes like your help pages say and that has made no difference - this is clearly a problem with the phone caused by the update being interrupted!

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    wish i could help you but maybe you will at least feel better knowing your not alone.
    i have the same exact problem with my wifes phone.
    i had the same thing happen to my iphone when the 3.0 update came out so when i saw the 3.1 i just unplugged and said "no way am i going through that nightmare again of being the guiney pig for these updates".
    when i came home from work it was to late,my wife had already started trying it and just as i suspected it did NOT work.
    hopefully someone will post a fix for us soon here, sorry im not more help
    oh, one thing, dont let it worry you. when it finally clicks through all of your stuff will be there with a restore from backup option.
    your phone is not dead or anything just hung up so hang in there
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    ok reinstall itunes then try again.
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    Reinstalling it doesn't work. I've tried that countless times. I also tried switching to a different user so it would download another .ipsw file, but it didn't get the chance, as, lo and behold, iTunes still wouldn't recognize it. This is the 3rd time it's happened. 1st time, I had a friend around with their computer that I was able to use to get it out of recovery mode and download the update. The second time, I had to go the the Apple store, and even they couldn't fix it, so they gave me a new phone (without the updated OS of course). Now, with the new phone, I tried updating the software. This time, I closed all other programs.... all firewalls, anti-virus, etc, per advice from the "genius" at the store and some forum posts. Result? Just as bricked as ever! This is getting really frustrating.
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    ok go back to apple store and see if they will exchange the phone they exchanged mine three time or have them restore your phone i had this problem i reinstalled itunes 12 times before it worked hopefully they will fix this soon its a big pain in the butt and i pucker every time i have to plugin.