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Hello, this morning I came to my ipod touch, only to find that the home button was jammed!! By jammed, i mean it is stuck a little too far into the home button socket, and takes an enormous amount of pressure for the iPod to register that it has been pushed. I am currently out of warranty, so should I try to find a "do-it-yourself-guide?" or should I take it in to Apple Store or Best Buy? Thanks so much and ill be looking foward to what you have to say!


1st gen iPod touch, iPhone OS 3.1.2, Out of warranty..
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    yes ive got the same problem. my power button is jammed also and it is annoying trying to keep pushing cancel so it doesnt turn off. any help would be appreciated!

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    If it is less than a year old, take it back to where you got it.
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    mine did the same about a month ago.... I just have to press very hard to get it to work.... mine is the 1st generation so its well out of warranty.....
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    this is my first post but my names daniel <Edited by Host>
    and i might know how to fix your problem in away ok your ipod touch home button is suck i have the same problem with mine so what you should do is take your finger nail and push in on the middle of the home button you gotta push hard at first but it will come on and then just push it in a cupple of times and it should help it get unstuck a lil so you can use your nail to push it in and yes it gets out of apps but if you need anymore help email me and i will help