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OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
hello all,

I got my cube with 10.4.11 running smoothly but I decided to check the updates and I chose only three of them of my interest.
I installed safari 4, java 8, and 'every user need this ' utility which is supposed to give your computer better quality cd etc...

then I restarted and something happened!

first I don't see any difference nor better sign with safari 4... I want the 3 back
then the power card (I suppose cos there is the power plug on it) suddenly blinking like mad so the green light on the end is working like it was the hard drive and a big noise too.

(while writting this I'm using techtool to optimize the hd)
so apart java which I don't know if it helps or not... the updates caused some damages on the computer. Maybe it's not good for this genious 450 mhz???

so I'd like to know how to go back??? and delete those updates


Imac DVSE ,Cube , Powerbooks (150-Wallstreet -Clamshell SE) G4 Dual 450/1.8G, Mac OS 9.1.x, OS 7.1-7.5-9.1-9.2-10.1-10.3-10.4 - Airport snowDual base station & Airport card