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I've searched and searched online to find an article where someone has successfully paired a 2nd Gen iPod Touch to an aftermarket car stereo and streamed music through bluetooth. I've been to Best Buy a couple times and looked at the Sony MEX-BT2700 with built-in bluetooth. I can get them to pair up, but no audio comes through even when I select the output on the touch to go to the stereo. Has anyone successfully streaming bluetooth music from their iPod Touch to a aftermarket car stereo with bluetooth?? I don't like wires and would love not having any. Thanks!!

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Solved by slash.andy on Oct 16, 2009 1:47 PM Solved
That is correct. also you could possibly get a bluetooth dongle. this will plug into a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack and work that way.
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Yes! it works wonderfully! i love it! i have bluetooth headphones as well!
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Roadmaster (VR500CSBT) is what i use. works really well.

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