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I finished downloading the newest version of iTunes, and then it asked to restart the computer, which I did. But now, I only get a black screen with a bunch of writing in French, English and Chinese, telling me the computer needs to be restarted and that I need to hit either the restart button or the start up button, and hold that button for a few seconds until the computer shuts down. I did that numerous times and I still get that same message in different languages.

What's going on?

Mac Air, Mac OS X (10.4)
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    Hi darcin5261,

    What you're describing is actually called a "kernel panic" and it's the result of software or hardware that is not operating properly and forcing the machine to shut down. When exactly does the screen appear in the startup process, is before the Apple logo appears on the screen or after?

    A couple of things to try...

    1.) Startup the computer in Safe mode but holding the SHIFT key on startup until the login window appears.

    2.) Connect the Super Drive (optional accessory) and attempt to startup from the System Restore disc to verify/repair the HD. Likewise you can also perform this step by using another computer (Mac or PC) via Remote Disc.
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    Yes, it does seem to be the kernel as I see that word on the screen. It happens about 2 seconds after the apple logo comes on the screen.

    What is the remote disc? Sorry, but I'm not computer savy.

    Thanks for your first suggestions. I tried doing the shift key, but all I get is a loud buzzing sound when I do that and then the kernel page pops up again.
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    I've noticed a similar problem. Since I have upgraded to the latest iTunes, my macbook air seems to crash. The same screen pops up after awhile and states it needs to restart.

    All my applications seem to crash as well, safari, firefox, mail, to name a few.

    My iTunes won't sync with Apple TV

    Any help would be great
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    What's a "kernel panic"? >>


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