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Okay, so I've had an iPod Classic (30 gb) for a while now, and it stopped working for some unknown reason. The thing that's happening is that it's not recognized by the computer at all; once I plug it into the USB drive, the computer says that there's a USB device that isn't recognized. iTunes doesn't pick it up, and with that in mind, I can't reformat it at all. I know for a fact that it's not the cable that is faulty because I've used it with a friend of mines iPod, and even ON my computer, so this is a bit puzzling....

To make things worse, the battery is completely dead, and when I plug it in, this weird symbol appears on the screen.... it doesn't look like a normal "recharging" symbol. It appears more like this one:

Actual default charging example

My iPods picture (which I outlined with MS Paint for a better view)

It also RANDOMLY begins charging.... although I'm aware of this because while the iPod is connected, the battery icon is green with the little thunderbolt flashing, I believe..... I'm not sure, it's only done that once so far, but I made sure to check that if it was even at all charging, it was still not identified by the computer or iTunes. So any help would greatly be appreciatted...

Windows Vista, This isn't actually MY iPod, I'm posting this for a friend :)
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    Sorry to bump this, but my friend really needs an answer.
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    Hi There,

    Sounds like you've got a few issues going on there... If your device is not recognizing the iPod, than you could have an issue with the drivers on the PC which maybe a uninstall and reinstall of iTunes COULD fix...

    However, based on what you're also saying about the icons on the screen you may have a device issue... Can your iPod's screen be found on this page?


    As the image you're trying to display is this one of those under the low charging icons, which may be normal... But if you're having other issues by the iPod just stopping then that's why I say your iPod may be having an issue... Plus the version of the iPod that you have is one of the original ones which have been discontinued for a while now.

    If you can't find a resolution but want this device, try iResQ.com they offer some great services and buy users old iPods to fix ones like yours...

    Otherwise you might have to bite the bullet and get a new device.

    Sorry but that's about the only advice one can offer to you!