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Hi Dears,
I have formatted my windows vista on my imac20" and I installed windows Vista again but I found that I don't have sound in the system and the video quality became worse than before, and I can't type in arabic, So I need all the drivers for it to work again as before,
sound, video, keyboard ( I have Multilingual keyboard Arabic & English ),
and what ever drivers you guys think that I will need..

Thanx & Regards

imac 20", Windows Vista, windows vista on mac leopard
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    If you could help with some links to download the drivers or to provide with instructions that would be great.

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    Apple only adds drivers to partition and install Windows.

    Windows Ultimate (Vista/7) has and allows use of all languages.
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    But I still can't hear sounds or type in Arabic, do I have to finish all the windows updates to have the sound??

    I think it's driver issue,
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    My macOS is working fine, I have this issue only when I log in to windows vista which I have installed on my imac20"
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    Well, you are somewhat on your own when it comes to Windows - on any system - sometimes you do need to find drivers for your PC and chipset.

    Even on Mac, you need to install RealTek drivers yourself, though Windows 7 is more complete and reduces the need to find things yourself most of the time.

    Has nothing to do with what is going on in Mac OS side.

    Try http://www.guru3d.com as a start and Windows Vista forums.
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    Thanx for the help but the answer was from the store where I bought my mac from..

    They told me after I install windows on the mac I have to insert the first mac os x disc and install the apple support software which included there and every thing now is working fine and perfect.

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    You can find people here, where even AFTER installing Apple hardware support, they still had audio problems; needed graphic drivers.

    Glad it works fine, I'd reserve "perfect." Boot Camp 3 has trouble with the AppleHFS if you look around.

    I've heard so many stories of support advice, and I doubt unless they work with BootCamp and Windows on Mac fulltime they know all the ins-outs.

    64-bit versions of Vista/7 are still not getting Apple official support. Have to see if the newest iMac changes that, would be a crime, now that it can easily be outfitted with such niceties as 8GB, better graphics, Core i5/i7.