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Hi, I recently upgraded to the latest version of iTunes and tried to sync my iPhone so I could update it as well. However, it won't even show up in iTunes, and I spent the last several hours trying to revert back to a previous iTunes version to see if that would help and it hasn't (I had to reinstall the latest version). My iPhone has 3.0.1 firmware at the moment. Is there anything I can do (without going through the iTunes nightmare again) or should I wait until a newer update for iTunes is released to fix this?

Windows Vista
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    Just to add- I tried the Recover and DFU modes, but it was Windows itself and not iTunes that popped up with a message. It talked about installing the device software then it failed, with a message along the lines of "The device wasn't recognized. Try going to the manufacturer of the device."

    Obviously iTunes should've recognized the iPhone with these methods but it didn't. I checked the devices section of iTunes (under Edit>Preferences) and it does have the backup for my iPhone.... I don't know what to do.
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    Well, I talked to Apple Support, they told me to uninstall the components of iTunes (in a completely different order than the article for uninstalling iTunes on Windows Vista, mind you) and it resulted in iTunes acknowledging my iPhone, only to tell me that it couldn't interact because of missing software.

    The "AppleSync is not working!" and another strange error message popped up. The Apple Mobile Device Support component wasn't installed and the Apple assistant couldn't explain why, other than to say "Something went wrong with that install"...

    Simply put, the error messages kept coming up even after restarting my PC, and I had to do a System Restore, which had Apple Mobile Device Support intact, and then reinstall iTunes to get it "working" again. Still won't even recognize my iPhone, but somehow I prefer that to the mess that Apple Support left me with.