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Steve Edelstein Level 1 (65 points)
There are some hidden project files associated with an app that I use. The files are not normally hidden but a few decided to hide for some unknown reason. I cannot see them in Finder but I can see an open them from the app. The software company says they have not heard of their files hiding themselves.

How can I unhide the hidden files?


MacBook (Aliminum case), Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Thomas Bauer Level 3 (615 points)
    hi, Steve

    i also have not heard of this kind of behaviour.

    what kind of application is it, and what are the beginnings and the extensions of the file names?

    I would try two things:
    a) highlight the file, then "cmd-I" and check "sharing and Permissions". this won't work on the files which hides, but you can try to do that on a non-hidden file of that application. See what it says.

    b) this solution might have more success: a possibility is that for some or another reason the filename begins with a dot ("."). to find out, open "Terminal" (under Utilities), and go to the directory where the files are (eg. by saying "cd Desktop/Applicationfolder" if the files are in the folder "Applicationfolder" on the Desktop).
    then type "ls -lta" (without quotationmarks). you will get a list of all the files in this folder. Locate the file which hides. At the beginning of the line there will be something like "drwxr-xr-x". Please, Report back with the info on the filenames which hide themselves.

    Hope this gets you any further. report back, please, - thanks

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    Heya Steve,

    You can download these automator apps which run Terminal commands to show and hide hidden files on your Mac.
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    There's no pleasing some people
    I used the automator apps from the previous post and it exposed the hidden files (which are project files for an app called Marketing Samurai).

    Now I'm noticing that most if not all my folders are showing a file called .DS_Store which I assume is some system level file. I prefer not to see it because I'm concerned that I may accidentally delete one and cause the word to end.

    I see that the automator app has "hide-hidden-files" but before I run it I'd like to understand what it will do. I don't want all my files to become hidden. Any advice on how to proceed on just hiding that which was hidden before and is not now hidden?

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    Any advice on how to proceed on just hiding that which was hidden before and is not now hidden?


    Educate yourself on the .DS_Store file

    Found on first hit of Google by searching the term .DS_Store
  • Steve Edelstein Level 1 (65 points)
    I ran hide-hidde-files and it hid .DS_Store along with the files that were hidden that became unhidden and are now hidden again, the ones that started this adventure. Since I can get to the files through the app which is the most important thing, I'll let well enough alone and let them stay hidden if that's what they want to do. But I do appreciate the help and now I know about .DS-Store. Thanks.
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    For the life of me, I cant seem to find where my hidden pictures went. I went to move to trash and hit hide photos accidentally. I can unhide them, however dont know which ones are hidden. I just see the total change. How can I delete the hidden pictures?? Or find which ones are hidden for that matter. I've tried to see them when I unhide them but it's tough to spot them when you have over 6K pics. Please tell me how to find and delete them. Thanks in adavance.