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Hi guys,

I started my G5 this morning. It fires up, chimes and goes to the login screen.

I log in, then the desktop appears. The dock launches and Entourage and Suitcase try to launch. They both crash (get unexpectedly quit window pop up for both).

No icons are on my desktop. I can't access my HD or Server.


Any advice would be most appreciated!



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    Except for the keyboard & mouse, disconnect all devices from your computer.
    Try running +repair disk+ from your *software install DVD* and afterwards, run +repair permissions+ *from your HD.*

    Your system info is incomplete. Which model G5 and OSX are you using? Please add this info along w/all the other requested info in "My Settings."---->
    Need this info so that the users here can provide you w/proper troubleshooting solutions.

    Thank you