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My apologies if this is a ridiculous question:

Can I use the iPhone Simulator in Xcode to check, say, how an external website I'm building looks? Or, can you only use it for iPhone apps you're building within Xcode itself?

Thanks eh.

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    The Simulator includes a simulation of Mobile Safari which resembles the real thing. I haven't played with it enough to have a personal opinion on the accuracy of the simulation, but it's gotten some excellent reviews from web app developers who've been using it to test their sites. E.g.: [http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/2405/apples-iphone-simulator-almost-good-real-t hing].

    You can launch the Simulator, without using Xcode, by navigating to /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/Applications

    \- Ray