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Hey all,

I just got a text message and I can't do a simple reply. I don't see a button to do a reply to the text.
There's a forward button but I need to do a reply to the person who just sent the text message. How do I do this? And why isn't this simple??? And when I select the text that's in a "caption", there's a "copy" option. I only can see a delete or forward button. Uuuggh!


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Solved by OrangeMarlin on Oct 19, 2009 6:46 PM Solved
You don't have to push reply. Just type away in the small box at the bottom. Push send.
Reply by Allan Sampson on Oct 19, 2009 6:54 PM Helpful
This is simple - there is no Reply button.

When you receive a text, there is a window at the bottom of the conversation window with a camera icon to the left of the window - below the received message where you enter your reply. You select the window to bring up the keyboard. After you begin entering text in the window, the Send button becomes available. When finished, select Send.


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