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How to clear your search history. TEDIOUS but works.

*Delete Google results pages from the history*

In Safari 4.0.3 and up, you may now search your history. Search for the URL string www.google.com/search? and delete the records that match it.

*Clear the search strings from the toolbar*

Quit Safari then from the Terminal, run this command:

defaults delete com.apple.safari RecentSearchStrings

When you start Safari again, the search history should be empty.

Somebody could probably build a shell script that searches the History.plist XML file and deletes the <dict> sections AND resets the Safari plist at the same time. I'm not that good with string manipulation, so I'm hoping somebody with experience could pick this up. Then that shell script could be made into an AppleScript or set up with Automator. Wishful thinking?

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