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Arinya Level 1 (20 points)
My wife just bought the white Macbook a month and afew days ago...think she can trade it in for the new one? She hesitated so much to buy one because she was afraid a new one would come out. Sure enough a month later! She's so mad lol!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Paul Nesfield Level 1 (75 points)
    I still find that Firewire 400 is significantly faster for data transfers / backups than USB2.

    I have a Black Macbook from the end of last year (ok I got it on discount after the Unibody MB was released) and I still don't see any reason to start to think about considering replacing it. I f I were you I would max out the RAM and enjoy the fact that you have firewire and 2 usb rather than just 2 usb ports.
  • Arinya Level 1 (20 points)
    This is my wife's computer. She's not doing any heavy duty computing. She just needed something to get online with and store all her pics, videos and what not. But she was so worried about getting a computer because she was afraid Apple would release a new version as soon as she bought one.

    Anyone heard of Apple letting you trade in your Macbook so close to the release of a new one?
  • Paul Nesfield Level 1 (75 points)
    I understand. Here in the UK the new Macbook has increased in price by £50, which is on top of the £50 increase to the entry level of Macbook that was added earlier this year (or was it the end of last year). Within 6 months this new one will have been tweaked by Apple so it won't be the shiniest, newest then either.

    I suspect that the only thing you can do is ask where you bought it from, maybe they will re-stock it (for a fee?).

    Good luck!
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    Hi Arinya,

    Apple's cut off is usually 14 days and there's a good chance that you'd be subject to pay a restocking fee (10%) as well. Did you buy it directly from Apple? If so, give them a call. I don't know of any resellers that would offer an exchange, if the unit is not defective, this far from the DOP.
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    There is no trade-in policy. All I've ever heard of is returns being accepted with 14 days of purchase. You usually have to pay a restocking fee.

    Do note that the folks at the store don't know when new products are going to be available--they often aren't even informed until the items are on the shelves!

  • Arinya Level 1 (20 points)
    My wife bought it at Best Buy since they were having a special 0% interest using their credit card...but I seriously doubt Best Buy will trade it in if the laptop is fine. I wonder if there is some kinda of buyers security built into the credit card?
  • AstroMacMan Level 2 (295 points)
    From what I've read and experienced, you're out of luck on a replacement-- but that's a good thing!!

    I would emphasize to her that the one you bought her has advantages over the new one! The Firewire port gives you great flexibility and is a useful feature. And for what she wants to do, she's got a great machine.

    Heck, my wife's using a several-year-old iBook, for much the same things your wife wants to do, and has no problems-- and that's a much earlier generation laptop than the one you all bought!
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    I have to agree. Firewire is not available on the October 20th, 2009 MacBook.
    This is a weakness is quite significant when you consider what Firewire allows you to do:


    This allows you access to the internal hard drive, without removing the hard drive, when it becomes unbootable, and without having to go out and buy another hard drive that may or may not be bootable on that Mac. This brings up another point, backup your data*:


    Of course you would need access to another Mac, but often times, any authorized Apple dealer will have those Macs you can connect to, in order to recover your data, more readily than another hard drive.

    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.
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    I just did just that with my wife's MacBook. Hers was only 9 days old when we exchanged it (today). Apple's policy from what we gathered is 30 days. They did not charge us a restocking fee. They just handed us the new one and off we went...

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