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I want to get my iPod Touch out of recover mode and i don't know how I got into it.

All that happened was that my iPod Touch ran out of battery, so I plugged it into my MacBook and when it turned on I just got the Connect to iTunes screen.
I tried turning it off and then on again but to no effect.
I also tried holding down the Home and Power button until the apple logo shows up then release but that still did not work.
What should I do to get it out of recovery mode without restoring??

iPod Touch. Second Generation., iPhone OS 2.x
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    let the iPod charge up completely, then try rebooting it again. If it cannot get out of recovery mode then you will have to restore it from a backup or do a fresh restore.
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    Oh. And I forgot to mention my iPod doesn't show up in iTunes.

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    Try another computer and see if it shows up there. Using a different cable is preferred if you can.
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    If iTunes isn't recognizing your iPod, you need to reboot your computer and then check the status of the Apple Mobile Device Services driver. This link will will tell you how to do it in Windows and there is a link near the top of the article if you use a Mac. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567
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    In addition to what luvlabs suggested, I would try it on another computer. I have seen multiple instances where an iPod would not get picked up by one computer, but it would on another. A reinstall of the Apple mobile device driver would not hurt either.
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    I will try reinstalling the drivers but unfortunately I don't have another computer as my other one is currently out of action.
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    If re-starting the AMDS driver doesn't work, you can try removing iTunes and AMDS, then re-installing iTunes (which will re-install AMDS).

    If that doesn't work, try putting the Touch into DFU mode. You kind of mentioned it above where you held the buttons down while connected to iTunes, but it didn't sound exactly correct and it can be a little tricky to get the timing down.

    While having the Touch connected to the computer (and iTunes running) hold the Sleep and Home buttons until the Touch screen goes black (about 10 seconds). When that happens release only the Sleep button -- keep holding the Home button until iTunes says it found a device in recovery mode. At that point you release the Home button and will have to Restore the device, and you can try re-loading your last backup after the Restore process completes.
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    The thing I mentioned at the top was a guide I followed on you tube to get an iPod touch out of recovery mode.