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this is very very important for me and I`m currently hopeless.....

White Macbook, have been using for 2 years. 3 weeks ago I installed retail Snow Leopard. Did all updates and everything was working perfectly as always. I had turned it off many times, resterted many times and everything was pefect.

BUT, today I restarted my Snow Leopard and it would not boot up. It was stuck on the grey screen. I turned it off (by holding the turn-off button) and started it up again. And again, the grey screen appears, with Apple logo, the loading circle under it and a loading bar below. The bar "loads" to 1/10 and dissapears. The grey screen still is there and then after some 5 min blue screen appears and again gets stuck, the loading circle is still there. Eventually, it never starts up.

I put in the installation disc, and while turning on the computer presed option key. Two option appeared - "EFI Boot" and the max os x installation disc. I had never seen the "EFI Boot" - what is it? It should have been the "Macintosh HD" as usual! When I get to the Snow Leopards Installation menu I launch Disk Utility and try to verify and repair the Macintosh HD. But it does not work:

When presses "Veiry Disk":

+Veryfing volume "Macintosh HD"+
+Checking Journaled HFS Plus Volume.+
+Checking extents overflow file.+
+Invalid leaf record count+
+(It should be 1197 instead of 1199)+
+Checking catalog file.+
+Keys out of order+
+The VOLUME macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.+
+Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click repair disk.+

When pressed "Repair Disk":

+Veryf and Repair volume "Macintosh HD"+
+Checking Journaled HFS Plus Volume.+
+Checking extents overflow file.+
+Invalid leaf record count+
+(It should be 1197 instead of 1199)+
+Checking catalog file.+
+Keys out of order+
+Rebuilding catalog B-tree.+
+The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired.+
+Volume repair complete.+
+Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.+
+Error: Disk Utility can`t repair this disk...disk, and restore your backed-up files.+

I tried to boot in safe mode - unsuccesfully.
tried the single-user mode repair stuff 10 times - unsuccesfully.
Tried reset the PRAM - unsucessfully.

What can I do and WHY does this happen?
Everything has worked fine all the time. I remember repairing and verifying disc permission, running Onyx before Snow Leopard install.

The most important thing is that I do NOT have a back up drive and ALL my files are in the Macintosh HD, which I cannot access!!

Are there any solutions to this? In the worst scenario - can I copy all my files off the Macintosh HD to a external drive? (I guess it is not possible :/)

Please, please help!


Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Try resetting some of the hardware involved (PRAM~NVRAM). See this Apple KB for details, etc.:


    Can't hurt to try, and apparently this has helped others recently.

    If that fails, DiskWarrior has a boot/rescue CD that will perform repairs beyond Disk Utility.

    If you still have trouble, walk it in to the nearest Apple Store. Good luck in any case.
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    Thanks for the quick response,
    but I already tried resetin the things you suggest and it did not work.

    Is there any other possible solution before I try Diskwarrior?
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    If Disk Utility can't fix it, you'll need a more robust utility to repair it.

    As KT helpfully replied, I also would recommend DiskWarrior. It is the best at directory repairs. It rebuilds then actually replaces your old directory. I feel every Mac owner should have a copy.

    +Keys out of Order+ is a pretty serious error that I would only use DiskWarrior to repair. I really don't think any other utility would be able to repair it.

    Make sure you get the disk so you can boot up on it to run repairs. You can also install it on another drive and run it from there to repair this one. DW works faster that way.

    I use DW once a month to try and catch errors in my system from getting too far out of hand. It has repaired every little and big issue I have ever had with my three Macs.

    If you have a good backup, hopefully a clone of your system before you had issues, an Erase and Install will also rid you of this issue. But, beware! You will lose everything on the drive with this procedure. Let us know if you need help with that!

    Good Luck! DALE

    p.s. Here's a rewiew of DiskWarrior 4.

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    Hi. I just repaired permissions and then did verify disc. I am getting an error on my daughter's macbook pro that the disc needs to be repaired. It says to start from a system disc and repair the disc. My question is, originally it was leopard but I upgraded to Snow Leopard. So which disc do I use? And how exactly do I do this? My daughter pulled out a USB flashdrive while it was busy and the computer froze. I had to turn it off and then repaired permissions...hence my problem.

    I am new to Macs so I appreciate your help!!