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I’m look to buy a new laptop and I think I’m going to buy a Mac. I see that I can run Microsoft word and excel but can I run Microsoft Access on a Mac?

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    Yes you can if you choose to load windows on your Mac.
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    MacBig is correct... You can install Windows on a separate partition on the Mac's hard drive. You can then boot into Windows and install any of your PC software to use (including Access). I use Access on my MacBook Pro and it works perfect. I also use Flight Simulator X and it works great.

    When you turn on your MacBook, you can choose to boot into Windows or Mac OS X. If you buy Parallel's software, you can boot into Mac OS X and then run Windows (and Access) in a separate window within your Mac operating system (have both operating systems running at the same time).
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    If you choose to run windows on your Mac, get VMware Fusion. I didn't, and sort of regretted it. But soon, I won't need Windows anymore so I'm glad I didn't spend the money.

    Have you considered using instead OpenOffice 3? Base would transfer to Access, and it's a free download.