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    I'm one of the early posters to this thread and was excited to see the new solution posted, of turning off the echo. Unfortunately, I too encountered the echo problem - but only with people on the other end. That is, they found it very distracting, but my audio signal in the car was great. I tried back to putting the echo cancel in low and it was fine for two calls, then the garbled cycles started again. Very frustrating, but at least it was a lead - the first glimmer of one in the 10 months it's been a problem for me. At this point, unless I hear of a Pioneer firmware update, I would discourage any iPhone user from buying a Pioneer head unit. I say that with a heavy heart because I've been a loyal fan of Pioneer products for 30 + years AND I believe the problem originated with Apple, since the system worked fine until one of the updates last August.
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    I wanted to thank you for your input. I was really close to picking up the fh-p8000bt for the bluetooth integration with my iPhone, but I'm looking into other brands now. I'm considering the Alpine CDE-103BT, but this unit doesn't have audio streaming.
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    If you are looking at a new headunit go with the Kenwood KDC-BT945U. It has a much nice interface and display than the Alpine and it supports audio streaming. Not sure if it has issues with the 3GS but I will check. I am an installer an I love than new unit. Alpine and pioneer seem to have slacked a little bit on their head units while Kenwoods have significantly improved. Though I can say I am fairly certain that the problem is with the iPhone and not the pioneer or alpine units.
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    I actually just had the Alpine CDE-103BT installed in my car, and it works great with my iPhone 3GS. Paid $229 for it with a free dash kit and wire harness, $30 for the iPod/iPhone cable (total ripoff), +$50 for installation. Calls over bluetooth work better than I could have hoped for so far, and people that I talk to can't tell that I'm on a bluetooth connection. I can play anything off my iPhone through the car speakers, but the Alpine unit itself takes over iPod control when it's plugged in.

    Only problems are that there is no bluetooth audio streaming, and the head unit has a clunky, unattractive interface. I'd recommend this unit to anyone looking for solid iPhone integration in their car.
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    Just checked the Kenwood with a friends 3Gs and works like a champ. That would be my #1 pick on a new head unit.

    Looking for something with Nav in a double din I would still say kenwood and then alpine.
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    I would say if you can return the Alpine and go with the Kenwood do it. It is about $260 and doesn't need a cable like the alpine to charge and do music, Kenwood has a USB on the back. Also has 5 lines of display text at a time rather than 1, it is a flip face rather than exposed cd slot too. You can also control music from the iPhone if you choose, it doesn't have to lock out the screen (though that is how it defaults I believe) where as the alpine I don't believe you can unlock the screen while it is connected.
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    Has downloaded and installed the new OS 4? I am hoping Apple fixed this issue in this release. Can anyone confirm?
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    I have my echo cancel on high and have made about 8 minutes of calls without a problem!
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    That is probably the best news I've heard all day! haha Right now I'm lucky to have a 1min call before the callers voice becomes distorted. Can you let us know if (for whatever reason) you begin to have issues with it?

    Anyone else experiencing the same w/OS 4?
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    I really like my Kenwood KDC-BT945U, and it worked great with my 3GS until I upgraded to iOS4. Bluetooth still works very well, both for calling and streaming audio. No problems there at all. Only gripe is that I can't just hit a button on the unit to access Voice Command to make calls, but it's not a big problem.

    The issue I'm having now is that when I connect the USB cable to my iPhone, it says "Reading" for a few minutes, then "iPod Error". Anyone else having this issue?
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    I have the Pioneer DEH-700BT - The phone works but it will not detect the music side of things since I updated to OS 4

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    I have a Pioneer DEH-P7000BT and an iPhone 3GS with the 4.0 update and now not only is the phone/bluetooth garbled............the bluetooth audio will not work right. I have found that if I;

    1. delete the the device in the phone menu on the head unit
    2. select "forget this device" in settings on the iPhone
    3. select connection on the head unit in the phone menu and select pair device from phone
    4. select the device in bluetooth settings on the iPhone and enter the pin code 0000 or whatever you setup
    5. immediately change the source on the head unit to bluetooth audio before the connection is completed and then play something on the iPhone

    This process will get the bluetooth audio working again but only until you break the connection to the bluetooth. Once the connection is broken (i.e. turn off the car) you will need to go through the entire process again.... ***? Total nightmare.....

    I'm waiting for my iPhone 4 to arrive before I give up and go back to the "cord of life" instead of bluetooth wireless.

    Please post if you have found a better way. Thx
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    iPhone 4 arrived yesterday. Connected to DEH-7000BT. Works better than the old 3G with any version of iPhone OS. Extremely reliable now and calls and music sound great over BT or corded. FYI

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    Hi guys
    Upgrading from 3.1.3 to the new OS 4.0 has solved the problem with calls on my 3GS. Not tried bluetooth audio yet as I do not really use it but calls seem perfect. In the words of my brother "the best i have ever heard you on a handsfree"!
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    Well, it looks like I've come circle. I too discovered that after I upgraded to 4.0 last night, NO GARBLED BLUETOOTH CALLS THROUGH MY PIONEER UNIT!!!! As one of the early posters in this thread, that makes almost a solid year of absolutely no acknowledgment from Apple that anything was amiss or that a fix was in the works. I ended up buying a Jabra visor unit after getting one for my wife. Nice little unit if you haven't tried it, and I'll keep mine as a backup in case the fix only lasts till the next update.

    Now I've got to figure out why my calendar won't sync! Congratulations everyone!
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