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Help! I don't use a Mac, and despise Outlook. My employer uses Outlook web access for PIM and e-mail functions. There is a built in calendar, and I sync my e-mail with my iPhone via Microsoft Exchange (works flawlessly). I am currently using my iPhone as my only calendar (not backed up anywhere), and would like to be able to sync it with my Outlook web access calendar.

Here is my dilemma... I can set up my exchange sync to include my web access calendar, and it shows as a separate calendar when I click the "Calendar" app and then "Calendars" on the top left. My iPhone calendar and Exchange calendar are separate and have color-coded events. What I want is to merge the information in these calendars (i.e., to get the hundreds of items in my iPhone calendar into my Exchange calendar, and subsequently, synced so I can see them when I log into my web access server). That way, I can manage a single calendar from either my iPhone or from any computer, anywhere, with web access and keep a single calendar synced and up to date. Also, so I have a real-time backup of my calendar.

Does anyone know how to do this? The only option I get when I set up exchange syncing of my calendar is to delete or keep my iphone calendar events, which I, of course, choose to keep. I've read some people talking about a pop up asking to merge things, but I don't get that. Any help, advice, or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sony Vaio VGN-FW245, Windows Vista, iPhone 3GS (v3.1.2)