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I travel a lot through different time zones and many of the applications I use for my iPod are dependent on the location and time zone. Is there an application for the iPod Touch that will (a) synchronize the internal clock with an internet-based NTP server and (b) use the location setting to set the time zone? If not, can anyone think why no one has done this yet? Repeatedly changing the time zone, and having to reset the clock manually, is a real nuisance and is totally unneccessary for an internet-connected device that should be quite capable of doing it automatically. I assume that the iPhone does this, like any other cell phone, using data from the cell network.

iPod Touch, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    As you surmised, the two times a Touch can update the time are either when you sync data from iTunes, or use the Touch wirelessly. With the first option, the time is updated automatically; with the second, you can update it when you're online - and you already know how to change time zones pretty well, by now.

    The iPhone can set the time zone automatically, since it's always has a network connection. It does seem like a rudimentary app to devise, and would prove useful. However, 10.6 is said to address this issue for some:
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    Poikkeus wrote:
    It does seem like a rudimentary app to devise, and would prove useful.

    Do you happen to know any app developers who would be interested in taking on this task?

    In terms of functionality, I was thinking that the app could have two modes of operation. One uses notifications to check your current TZ when it first detects a wireless network and compares it with your current TZ, popping up a dialog if they are different and asking if you want to change it. The second would be a manual process where you run the app explicitly before it does the check. In both cases it could also sync the clock with an NTP server - why not if it's available?