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This is frustrating...

I have an iMac that came with a trial version of iWork '09. Once it expired, I purchased a retail box version. According to Apple, the full version should install over the trial - no serial number needed.

Unfortunately, when launching any of the programs, they ask me for a serial number - which, of course, I don't have since the retail version does not include any s/n.

I've read thru multiple posts on this forum about others who have had the same issue - and the solution (but only for some) seems to be deleting the remnants of any prior iWork from the mac and installing fresh from the disc. This has not worked for me.

I've deleted everything I can find in the main Library, user Library folders - including applications, .plist files, application support, templates, packages, etc. Restarting, repairing permissions, etc still with failure to install from disc - asking for a serial number.

So, I tried installing the retail version on my laptop, which also has a trial version of iWork '09 - it installed fine. Encouraged, I then reinstalled the iWork '09 trial back onto my iMac - then installed the retail disc - still with the s/n problem.

Any other suggestions? Running OS 10.5.8

Thanks -

2X3GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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