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I'm a somewhat new mac user, but I've been around word processing programs for years. I cannot find where the symbol for mean, x bar (the x with the line over it) is in Pages, (or Word for that matter).

Any help would be great.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    I have not found a single character for x̅ but you can combine unicode character 305 with an x to create it. Find character 305 in Edit/Special Characters/view:code tables and save it as a favorite. Whenever you want x̅, type an x then click on the code in the favorites tab of the Special Characters window. Or copy/paste it from one place to another (like I did here twice).

    There may be a single symbol but I didn't find it.
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    I followed the instructions given, and it produced the desired result. thank you so much!