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I have tried to search for this, but have failed, partly probably because of english not being my native tongue...

Anyway, my concern is this; I have been collecting apps, and started to sort them, and delete a few I didn't use, because I had filled up all the springboards.
For ease of use, I started to do this in iTunes rather than on the iPhone. The problem is now, that I have come down in number of apps, and want to use the iPhone to sort the apps to where they are easy to reach for me when using the iPhone...
But every time I sync the iPhone, it reverts the app order to how it was ordered in thru iTunes.
Does anyone know any way to do this, wich don't involve "unsyncing" the apps?

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I found the answer myself.
    Turned out that it worked fine when I had it unconnected for a longer period of time (that is, more than the odd minute that was the case when I noted the "problem".
    But since I made this to a greater problem than i was, I might also point out a false way of doing this I also discovered.
    If you do as I described above, you definitely must disconnect the iPhone from the mac, but as for how long to wait until reconnecting it, might be individual...