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Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
Hi there, well I just wanna know the actual size without the stand, the size that appears on the site are with the stand, and I need to know the size without it since I´m going to place the iMac in a Vesa Mount, it would be great if someone can provide the Height and depth (the Width will be exactly the same)
Thanx in advance

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  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 Level 8
    hello F:

    Contact Apple with your question. These are user-to-user forums and I doubt anyone here can answer your question.

  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    Why not? I know that there are some owners out there already, and is so simple to take notes and write them down here ... or not?
  • Steve Porritt Level 2 Level 2
    Photos for Mac
    I was wondering the same thing and went to the tech specs page. The graphic at the top showing an iMac from the back has dimensions indicating that the listed height -- 20.4 inches (51.7 cm)-- does NOT include the stand. Odd that there seems to be no measurement of overall height (including stand).

    My problem was slightly different. I was trying to figure out if the 27" iMac (and stand) would fit into the cubbyhole above my work desk. I measured the wife's 24" iMac stand and it added 6 cm to the total height. I added that to the 51.7 cm of the 27" iMac and found that the iMac would fit by lowering a shelf, but then I wouldn't be able to close the keyboard drawer -- logitech mouse would catch the bottom of the shelf. But if I removed the stand and mounted the 27" iMac on a Vesa Mount, everything would fit!
  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    You know what? I didn´t realize that, and you are totally right, previous models, the same graphic was with the stand and now it is with out it.
    Now the question it is the same as yours, it would fit in my desk until I have the time to place it on the VESA. Now... 20.4 without the stand, that is huge!
    And also it would be great to know the screen size I mean the "glass" size.
  • Steve Porritt Level 2 Level 2
    Photos for Mac
    Huge is right. I mentally added the extra centimeters to wife's 24" iMac and imagined the resulting thing sitting next to hers. Wow. My current machine is a 15" MacBook Pro 1st generation. The 27" provides well more than three times the screen real estate. Will probably go to the Apple Store this weekend to see this beast up close.
  • Zachary Level 4 Level 4
    My feeling is that the diagram on the specs page is wrong. If you look at the change in width (versus the 24" measurements), do a little trigonometry assuming the bottom bezel is the same (which it may actually be shorter on the 27") then the height works out to be about the same as the 24" iMac. So I think overall, with the stand, the 27" iMac is 0.1" shorter than the 24" iMac. Man I hope so. It will not fit in my hutch otherwise.
  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    Zachary you can see here in the link a comparative between 2 imacs, new and old one, i am not sure if the are 20/21.5 or 24/27, maybe someone can tell matching with the keyboard size.
    The link is in spanish and you need to scroll down a little to see the fourth picture -por-apple

    I hope this clarify a little.
  • Zachary Level 4 Level 4
    Yeah, it's hard to see for sure which models are being compared. One thing looks obvious though, the bottom bezel is significantly shorter on the the new iMac.

    I just redid the math. Taking into account just the LCD screen, the 24" diagonal 16:10 aspect ratio should be 12.7" high and 20.34" wide. The 27" 16:9 aspect ratio would be 13.24 x 23.54 or ~1/2 inch taller and 3.2" wider. Looking at the reported width specs: 24" iMac is 22.4" wide and the 27" iMac is 25.6" wide - 3.2" difference. So the reported heights of 20.5 and 20.4" respectively, seems to be the total height, including the stand. The 27" iMac should in fact be 0.1" shorter.

    I know I'll sleep better now!
  • Dave Barnes Level 4 Level 4
    "went to the tech specs page. The graphic at the top showing an iMac from the back has dimensions indicating that the listed height"

    The page is INcorrect.
  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    In this CNET review, the guy says the screen is 25.6 x 14.4 g=mncol;psum

    I hope that Helps
  • J Evans Jennings Level 1 Level 1
    This is the definitive answer. DO NOT believe the diagram on the 27" iMac Specs page. The TOTAL height including stand is 20.25" when screen is absolutely vertical. The Apple measurement of 20.4" allows for slight tilting. The actual size of the "box" is 25 9/16" wide by 17 11/16" high. Hope this helps. Mark this question answered! Just measured mine while migrating info from old Mac.
  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    For "the Box" do you mean the entire iMac without the stand right? so the 14.4 its only the screen? one more Depth without stand?

  • Mitchell Davitte Level 1 Level 1
    Size of 27" is Ht 17 5/8" Width 25 1/2" and about 2 1/2" deep at the deepest point in the middle where the stand would attach. I have mine on a VESA mount with this stand.

    Matches the grey computer perfect.
  • Facu Puig Level 1 Level 1
    That´s what I want to do! Can you show a picture of your setup?
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