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Alex Zachopoulos Level 3 (845 points)
I've just installed Safari 4.0.3 on Snow Leopard, and for the life of me I can't figure out where to retrieve the downloaded stream of a radio program. In Leopard I used to press CMD-OPT-A (Activity Window) and then double click on the stream's entry, which would open up a new empty Safari tab, then duly download the stream's .mp3 file as a regular download and drop it on my Desktop.

Now, instead of a blank window, the stream opens in a new window with (apparently) the QT10 plugin, which plays the program, but does not allow me to store it.

Anyone? Thanks, as always!

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  • Alex Zachopoulos Level 3 (845 points)
    FWIW I stumbled upon this work-around which suits my purpose (i.e. that of saving a QT file locally so I can reuse offline).

    Still don't understand what's happened to the Activity Window method I describe above. Nor to the QT's Save As... right-click induced command.
  • Alex Zachopoulos Level 3 (845 points)
    BTW if anyone wants to try what I mean in the OP here's the link to the radio program. It's in greek, but you didn't care about that, right?

  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)
    HI Alex,

    If this was a copyrighted file, that could be why you are having problems downloading it. Check the web site. Much of what's "streamed" on the net is.


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  • Alex Zachopoulos Level 3 (845 points)
    Hi Carolyn, thanks for the post!

    Nope, I don't think it can be an issue with copyright. After all, nothing is disabled in Leopard (and I am guessing in Windoze, either).

    As a test I propose this: find something which you know is not copyrighted, and try to save locally using Snow Leopard. I have a feeling that there still won't be any Save As... command available anywhere in the browser or the QT interface. Just the copy method within the Downloads window of Safari.
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    Hey its very true, 'coz i'm also facing the same problem.... it looks like i can't download any file that the QT plugin can support. Like .mp3 files

    But i assume that the file has got to be stored somewhere in the hard-drive 'coz i can play it even when i'm offline, maybe as a temporary file. But the question is where exactly in the folder is it stored, maybe i can retrieve it from there if i know the address.

    Help Please.... Thanks in advance