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I have 2 quick questions I was hoping someone would know the answers to.

I have a MacBook Pro from Aug 2007, (MacBook Pro 3,1) and am looking at getting windows 7 Pro. (I qualify to get it for $29.99 through win741.com ) and I have to pick between 32bit and 64bit, I'd prefer to buy 64bit if I can since someday when I get a new machine I know it will run 64bit for sure. but I was wondering if my current MBP would be able to run it or not.

I'm interested in upgrading my hard drive (Currently have 160GB 5400RPM) and was wondering if anyone know of the best drive I could get to put in my MPB.

Thanks !

MacBookPro 3,1 (2007), Mac OS X (10.6.1), 4GB Ram 256MBVRam 160GB HD
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    At $30, buy three! Whatever you buy probably can't be transfered to another system like retail.

    Apple posted an article on Mac support for Windows 7 but left out anything about 64-bit, which past articles showed was limited to MacBook Pro - around the time yours came out. And even then, people do manage to install Vista 64-bit.

    I prefer 64-bit for a number of reasons, thought to be more secure IE8 64-bit browser and system, but other than installed RAM...

    The best would likely be one of the 500GB models, but we know there have been problems with some of those in some Macs. Or SSD, but likely too small.

    New higher density platter drives really help, and dont' know if Samsung's new line is out in 2.5" - their F3s are ultra-fast 500/1TB in 3.5" format.

    See what Hitachi offers.

    When you download the ISO, if you burn it in Disk Utility you HAVE to do so at slower reduced burn speed to have it work. No such problem in Windows. And Windows 7 has great support for burning ISOs, no 3rd party needed.
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    I installed a Seagate 320GB HDD last year & it has run flawlessly.

    But, regarding BootCamp.....it looks like my 2006, 2.16GHz, 32-bit Core Duo is not eligible for the Windows 7 upgrade.

    Can anyone tell me if that is a definite & final no.

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    Thanks Hatter

    I wish I could buy 3, I'm limited to one copy..I could get a second copy through my wife though.

    I learned that although my machine has a 64bit EFI Apple has stopped my model from booting with the 64bit Kernel. Not sure why though.

    I wonder if this would hinder Win 7 from booting 64bit ?

    I'll take a peak at the Samsung offerings !
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    Coelacanth64 ,
    I don't think you will get "official" support, but if Vista is running okay then I think you should be fine, select that you're installing 32bit vista. not official, but I know that's how folks have been doing it so far.

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    Snow Leopard 64-bit kernel is... Snow Leopard only. So unless Apple plans for some new features, they are different animals.

    And having to use 64-bit drivers is new territory (Vista had 3 yrs), and booting Mac OS in 32-bit kernel mode doesn't dampen what it and you can run or do a whole lot - if any.

    The Family Pack for Windows 7 @ $149 really isn't bad. Not Pro, but has most of the feature set.
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    Yeah, I'm not too bummed about SL not booting 64bit, (well the little geek in me that just wants to do it...just because, with not practical reason is disappointed.)

    But since it does have EFI64 then do you think Win 7 64bit will work okay ?

    I'm kinda lookin' at this drive
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=22-136-314&SortField=0&Sum maryType=0&Pagesize=50&SelectedRating=-1&PurchaseMark=&VideoOnlyMark=False&Vendo rMark=&Page=1&Keywords=macbook


    (I think both links are to the same drive, just looking a couple places)

    Any thoughts ?
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    Re: the WD500HDD...I have a WD500 3.5" external & it runs great, but it is really noisy. Also, my Seagate 2.5" is 7200RPM w/ a 16MB buffer. It hauls.
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    External? so the case and fan are the noise likely, and hope you didn't buy into WD MyBook series.

    A user input database you can search of hard drive upgrades:
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    1.) Yes. However, the drive runs well, so far.
    2.) No. Home made.
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    I have a similar question regarding this topic...

    I am also looking to get the 64 bit Windows 7. The upgrade advisor said I have to do a clean install anyway, so I might as well go to 64 bit. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/upgrade-advisor.aspx

    Anyway, I was wondering if I can just go with the download version of Win7, or will I need a physical disk for any reason?

    My Windows buddies say I don't, but we've never upgraded Windows on a Mac before.
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    Hi Hatter,

    I'm looking at doing a similar thing, but I have an original 1,1 MBP. I also qualify for the $30 deal, but there are two questions remaining:

    1. While no official support can be garnered, will it actually work on a computer of this vintage? It is otherwise in good shape aside from being old.

    2. What are settings needed to burn an ISO from Disk Utility?

    Thanks in advance if you have any insight!