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I have 2 quick questions I was hoping someone would know the answers to.

I have a MacBook Pro from Aug 2007, (MacBook Pro 3,1) and am looking at getting windows 7 Pro. (I qualify to get it for $29.99 through win741.com ) and I have to pick between 32bit and 64bit, I'd prefer to buy 64bit if I can since someday when I get a new machine I know it will run 64bit for sure. but I was wondering if my current MBP would be able to run it or not.

I'm interested in upgrading my hard drive (Currently have 160GB 5400RPM) and was wondering if anyone know of the best drive I could get to put in my MPB.

Thanks !

MacBookPro 3,1 (2007), Mac OS X (10.6.1), 4GB Ram 256MBVRam 160GB HD