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Like a lot of us, I have had a difficult time with "Notes" and syncing my iPhone and my Mac Book Pro.

While I do not have all of the answers, I would like to provide some information - based on experience.

First, it is necessary to clear up some confusion.

On the iPhone there is an app called Notes. I will refer to this as Notes(iPhone/app).

On the iPhone there is a Folder in Mail called Notes. I will refer to this as Notes(iPhone/Mail).

On the Mac there is a category in Mail, within Reminders called Notes. I will refer to this as Notes(Mac/Mail).

1. In order to sync Notes(iPhone/app) with your Mac you must connect via USB. There is no wireless/MobileMe way to sync.

2. If you create a Note in Notes(iPhone/app) and then sync via USB with your Mac, the Note will appear in Mail, in the Reminders category, in the On My Mac folder.

3. If you create a Note on your Mac from Mail, in the name@me.com folder in Reminders, it will automatically show up on your iPhone in the Mail app in Notes(iPhone/Mail) but it will not show up in the iPhone app Notes(iPhone/app).

4. If you sync via USB, the Note you created in 3. will show up in the iPhone app Notes(iPhone/app).

Hope this helps.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    This does help a little. Notes has (as you have mentioned) driven me crazy for a while. It just isn't useful enough to deal with the confusion.

    It would seem logical for Apple to change this and allow Notes on the iPhone to synch with Stickies on the Mac. Perhaps even renaming Stickies to Notes, or Notes on the iPhone to Stickies. I mean, isn't that what Notes are anyway? Little Stickies reminders? This is what I use Notes for - to jot down little reminders. Who ever came up with the idea of having Notes go to email to be stored in a Notes box in the Mail application? If I wanted to mail myself a reminder about something, I would just email myself something. The only way that this wouldn't work, would be if someone only had one email address, but who doesn't have multiple email addresses in this day and age? Even if they had only one email address, say in MobileMe, they could still set up an Alias and use it to send themselves email reminders.

    Anyway, if Apple is listening, please change the way Notes are used and have them sync to Stickies. By doing so, you would be making two applications (Notes and Stickies) much more useful.

    Perhaps there is a reason for doing it the way that they currently do it. I just can't figure out what it is.
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    Similar issue, but my synced notes had been nicely showing up in the Notes folder and syncing appropriately to my Touch 2G... until I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Then they duplicated in the notes folder and also a single copy in the inbox. Deleted the inbox copies and second copy in the Notes folder and on sync originals in Note folder AND on Touch. From the copies in trash, I tried to copy to Notes folder, but it would not copy until I created a subfolder which did allow normal sync with Touch again. No rhyme or reason that I can see, but I've had similar duplication with Calendar items as well--no solution there.
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    My problems are similar and just started when I installed Snow Leopard.
    I create a Note on my iPhone
    When I sync with my macbook pro, it creates an email message copy of my notein my Mail Inbox
    When I move or copy my note to the Notes folder under Reminder, the email message remains in my Mail Inbox
    When I delete the Mail Inbox message/copy, it also deletes the Note in my Reminder/Notes folder
    When I next Synch, the note remains on my iPhone, but no longer loads into my Mail or Reminders/Notes folder.
    Hence, there appears to be no way to bring the note into Mail/Reminders/Notes without leaving a permanent copy in the Inbox.
    Sure seems like a bug to me

    Tony M
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    I am using 10.5.8. I notice that sometimes, I have to sync twice to get my Notes on the iphone to match up to my Apple Mail/ Notes.
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    Step 1
    Start your computer and once it is running Snow Leopard, open the "Mail" application.

    Step 2
    Move your mouse to the upper left corner of your screen and place it over the word "Mail". Click and hold your mouse down to see the drop down menu. Move your mouse down to the second item in the list, "Preferences". The preference window will open when you let go of the mouse.

    Step 3
    At the top of the window is a menu bar. The second item on the bar is "Accounts". Select it by mouse clicking on it once.

    Step 4
    Now move your mouse over to the name of your mail account located on the left side of the window and click on it once. The screen will now display detailed information about your mail account. Located toward the right side of the window near the top is a tab labeled " Mailbox Behavior". Select it by mouse clicking on it once.

    Step 5
    At the top of the new window is a check box next to a "Notes" icon that reads "Show Notes in Inbox". Remove the check mark in the box by mouse clicking on it once.

    Step 6
    Switch to the another email account and you will be asked to save the changes. Select Save and do the same for any other accounts. Close the "Preferences" window and you will be asked to save the changes. Select Save.

    Step 7
    You will now see that the notes are no longer listed in your Mac Mail inbox.

    Best regards, Peach
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    Thanks, Peach. You're a Peach!