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Hello. I´m having some issues with iTunes on a Windows XP.
It detects my iPhone 3G without any problem, but it doesn´t recognize my father´s iPhone 3GS. Windows does, as some kind of camera device, but iTunes does nothing..

I tried starting it in Recovery Mode and a few more "solutions" I found in several sites, this included. But I can´t get it working.. After calling Apple´s tech support for the iPhone, they told me that iTunes may have some issues for having a previous 3G installed, so it doesn´t detect the 3GS. It sounds a bit weird... Their suggestion was "Reinstall iTunes". But uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes wouldn´t work.

I simply don´t know what more I can do. Any suggestions, please?

PC, Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 2
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    GOT IT!! Here goes the solution to anyone who gets here in the future:

    Go to Control Panel > Device Manager
    Locate the iPhone in the list and reinstall its drivers, using the ones found at:

    C:/Program Files/Common Files/Apple/Mobile Device Support/Drivers/

    iTunes will now detect the iPhone 3GS
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    Thank you (even though you solved it yourself)! I've been grinding my teeth since I bought my iPhone 3GS and tried to synch it with iTunes that I had previously used with my iPod touch.