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I took the plunge and brought home a new Mac Mini Server yesterday to 'practice' on before deploying in our small business. I (think I) got through the setup fine, then wanted to connect from my remote mac (sitting 2 feet away on the same wireless network) using Server Monitor. Regardless of whether I add the server by IP Address ( or name (My-Server.local), the status summary reads:


I can see in my Airport Utility that my AEx Dual Band has reserved for my server.

Baby steps, and this is my first one. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Are you getting confused with Server Admin perhaps? Server Monitor is only designed to work with an XServe.

    To connect remotely to your MacMini in a way that makes it seem as if you're sitting in front it you can use the built-in VNC, ARD or any other 3rd-Party VNC Software of your choice. If you want to connect remotely to work with the Directory nodes use WorkGroup Manager and supply the LAN IP Address or the Server's Fully Qualified Domain Name assuming DNS is configured? With WorkGroup Manager you can create/delete users and associated home profiles amongst other things. Provide the same information when using Server Admin.

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    Well, I've got Snow Leopard Server running on the mini, so would expect it to work just like with an xserve....
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    Although part of the suite of applications for OSX Server it's only designed to work with Xserve hardware. It won't work on anything else.


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    Tony, thanks. You saved me hours and hours of trying to get a square peg in a round hole....
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    Antonio's right, to date the Server Monitor app only supports Xserve hardware.

    However, perhaps Apple may add some level of support for the new Minis that are sold with Snow Leopard server, since this model (and not earlier ones) is supported now - no idea though.
    But, there simply are not as many available sensors in the Mini, and they don't appear to use ECC RAM, etc.

    Your best bet is to submit specific (and of course polite) feedback requesting this.
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    So why dont they call it XServe Monitor??
    Naming it Server Monitor is just confusing and not Apple like.
    I allready lost a bunch of hours on that one...
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    good to see the answer that "server monitor" doesn't work with the new mac mini servers - have just had the same problem. Interesting though - I was running a leopard server on a previous generation I-MAC and I am 100% sure the monitor widget and other tools were working...maybe a Snow Leopard problem only or perhaps something about the MAC minis?

    Any further illuminating thoughts/comments out there?
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    I am getting the same error when I try to connect Server Monitor to a new Xserve I got yesterday. Help please!
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    Server Monitor is only compatible with Xserve, and this has been the case as far back as Tiger Server and the Xserve 2006 boxes.

    The new Mac Mini Server unfortunately does not include the LOM hardware nor some other internal monitoring features that Server Monitor expects and requires. Hopefully rather than renaming the tool, there will be some better documentation and feedback, and there'll be a future Mac Mini Server with a LOM or LOM-like facility.
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    Ensure you have the most current Server Admin tools version loaded, and - if you are running Server Monitor directly upon the Xserve box - then you can look to select the localhost ( path, and ensure that the [LOM is correctly configured (HT2773)|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2773] and the correct (obscure) [Server Admin installation sequence (TA21516)|http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21516] depending on which version of the tools you're working with. The Server Admin tools are also unfortunately rather sensitive to correct DNS configuration, correct static IP addressing, and to correct LOM configuration, and some of the errors can (obviously) be obscure.