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I just received an iPod Touch as a gift and am trying to set it up. I am a Windows Vista user, and mostly use Firefox (though I had to post this with IE because the "post new topic" button was not displaying in FF).

I downloaded iTunes 9 and added all my media to the library. However, when I went to "get album artwork" for most of my already ripped CDs, iTunes said I have to have an iTunes Store account. So I sign up for an account, and where it prompts me to submit payment info, I select Paypal, and my FF browswer opens to verify Paypal account info and I completed that. However, when I go back to iTunes to continue, I click on the iTunes Store "Sign In" button, to which it prompts me to log in, and then I receive the message "This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store. Please review your account information."

Well, when I proceed to review, it sends me through the account setup process again, including asking for payment info again... I never get to a point where I can sign into the store without ending up in this loop.

Is there a problem with doing this in Vista, FF, IE, or selecting Paypal as the payment option? Or is there some step in the process that I'm not seeing that's sending me on this wild goosechase?

Toshiba Satellite, Windows Vista, Mozilla Firefox
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    Well it seems what happened is that Windows was not popping up the security validation window that prompts the web browser to restore iTunes with the Paypal account information.

    I stumbled on it when scrolling through the task manager, there was an unspecified pop-up hiding in the background that needed user input to go back to iTunes.

    If you run into this situation, be sure to comb through the running processes to make sure it's not hiding there.