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Well, trying to get iTunes running on my windows 7 box, seems that everything installs except for Apple Mobile Device Support which needs to be there in order for iTunes to recognize the iPhone... and it is also required by the MobileMe application or it too won't install. I've followed Apple's support article HT1923 about 20 times, but still no luck... anyone get a 32bit version of iTunes working after a similar problem?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    I am having similar problems with iPhone 3G on Win7 x64. Prior to installing iTunes, Win7 Device Stage recognized the iPhone, but after installing iTunes (x64) latest version (, all that shows up is "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver".

    iTunes seems to recognize the phone still, but other windows programs which had previously been able to connect to the phone (e.g Picasa sync photos) can no longer do so.

    Reinstall of itunes, all apple software does not seem to help.

    What is wrong? The apple mobile device support driver seems suspect to me...
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    I don't get that far... iTunes installs and runs okay, but when I connect the iPhone it tells me that there is software missing and to remove and reinstall iTunes..... which never installs the necessary software, so I agree that it is an issue with the Apple Mobile Device Support driver is at fault.