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I've been unable to empty the trash because:

+The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003).+

Can anyone help / explain?
Also, I've been having an over active Time Machine. (1.6tb back up of my 500g bdrive over 1 yr) Could they (please) be related???

Thanx, Dan

iMac 800mhz, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    Thanks -it didn't turn up in my search.
    "Trash it" emptied all but the Time Machine stuff. I had to make space to run a repair program on my Time Machine disk. Removing the TM files removed the -8003 error.

    I still didn't solve the hyperactive time machine problem though...

    I guess next stop is the Time Machine thread.
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    Clearly Snow Leopard has introduced a trash problem. Today was my second Apple Care call this month to resolve the "error code 8003" message. I resisted the proposed "solution" of re-installing the O.S. because of the time it would take and because I had/have no confidence that doing so would permanently address the problem.
    So the Apple Care rep suggested I download and install Trash It, which worked. He also acknowledged that Apple needs to fix this.
    FWIW, my first call was after I got an error msg trying to remove an old TM backup (and yes, I know, Apple recommends against that). Today's was after I tried to flush an app.