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I thought I should share my recent experience with the iphone OS update!

Ran update procedure as requested by iTunes, when the iPhone rebooted it got stuck in restore mode.
Tried several things to get phone restored using Apple's own suggested troubleshooting, kept me busy for about two hours and multiple attempts/holding down buttons e.t.c. but with no luck!
Visited local phone store to see what they could suggest - buy cheap phone, use sim in that, send iPhone to Apple for repairs, phone away for a few weeks.... or buy replacement phone (still in contract so....) that'll be £500!!!!
Decided to chill for a moment!
Came home, enjoyed some wine, forgot all about it!

Next morning, just for the **** of it plugged stuck phone back into lappie.... lo and behold the thing restored, firmware restored, e.t.c.... woohoo

So, I'm not sure what I did wrong, but leaving it overnight seemed to help!

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