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I used to know how to put text into a photo. I think it used preview. I got an answer that said to use preview, then the annotate choice under tools, but all the sub choices under annotate are grayed out. I have talked to apple support and they want me to reload Preview, but when I checked my kids (identical) machine, his behaves the same way. Not only do I want to do the captions inside the pictures, but now i want to know why those submenu choices are grayed out!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Try this.

    With your photo open in Preview, choose View>Customize Toolbar.

    Drag the Annotate button up to your toolbar and click Done.

    Now, try choosing Note from the Annotate toolbar button you just placed.

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    Uh, actually, I need to clarify. I don't want to annotate, which I think I understand now to be putting a little note icon on the picture with verbiage outside. I used to be able to actually pick font and color and type in little notes ON THE PICTURE. I still think it is with Preview, and maybe the jpegs had to be changed to pdfs. I have discovered that when a picture is opened in preview as a pdf, the annotate button CAN be used - oval, rectangle, etc. so I am getting closer. But I don't want just a little notepad icon on the picture - I want to pick font and color and put a little title in it. Anyone?
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    This is a screen shot of an image I have that was used in a previous discussion of the same vein.

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    You could try Skitch.

    While Skitch is typically used for adding text, circles, arrows, drop shadows, etc... to a screen shot, you can just drag a picture into Skitch and add text.